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We have lost half of our listeners shifts that, okay, if any see rates in he wanted to get our opinion on our job as journalists, he wants to know if you need a coach degree or cinema studies background in in order to work in the world of film. Journalism also, is there beginner's guide on how to make an entrance into film writing community. He is going to school now. Ultimately, the degree he's going for is not involving film, but he wants to know, you know, will that look bad on if he wants to get into film writing? So I thought start with you guys, Chris, what advice do you have for someone who wants to get into film writing? Don't do it turn back now. Really wanted to who quit his job his day job to write a. I'm mostly kidding. If you really want to do it, you know, don't give up, but I, you know, there's no like secret. I, I wished I wished there was like a, you know, a trade secret that I could just tell you when you would immediately be doing the job really is just you have to do it like I spent a long long time writing and writing and writing for, you know, no one pretty much, and you know, eventually paid off, but it took a long time, and there was time where I wanted just give up and say like, you know, screw this. I'm not going anywhere, but it eventually worked out and I'm thrilled to did, but there's going to be times where you get frustrated as far as like learning it. I would just advise just reading other writers reading other film critics like. That's that's really the best way to learn. Like you know, a growing up. I would just constantly read like Roger Ebert. He was my go-to guy, and you know, that's how you learn to you. You learn by seeing other people do the job basically and that that's that's how I, you know, got into it every year as the by huge like bible size, Ebert guide of like, I think it had all of his reviews from that year in movies, and I would love just spending days and days reading through those reviews. Chris. What would you say about a college degree in cinema studies? You know, I, I don't want to say it's not worth it because you know some people get a lot out of college. I don't have a degree in it. I went to college for journalism, not really film studies, so you know, it's, it's a different thing I, but there's a lot of people who. This who don't have a degree in it. So it's not like a requirement. I would say Ben. What is tell our listeners, your background? Yeah. I also have a journalism degree. I went to school to really to get into more of the production side and then fell in love with writing sort of along the way. And I very much like Chris just wrote and wrote and wrote. I started my own blog that like maybe one of my friends read and that was it's and I, you know, I kept that going for a long time and then we just send samples from that to other sites when I was trying to apply for jobs whenever there were openings, I, I saw in the movie blogs that I loved. So I mean it's a, it's a grind for sure, and it's not a career where you're going to make a lot of money. So like Chris, I mean Christmas joking earlier when he said, turn back now and don't do it. But I mean, I think there's really some wisdom there. It's like only if you are the type of person who. You're going to be. You're compelled you have a compulsion to write about movies and like a an addiction in in a hardcore passion for it. Only those people I think are going to be the ones who are able to sort of sustain the the long road toward getting in..

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