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Tourney's New Jersey one one point five news time eight oh three one point fine fast traffic well Chad we're looking some delays here in New York on the northbound side of one and nine approaching the Pulaski skyway just before you climb the hill get on the sky way and accidents in the process of being cleared the left lane is out of service we're also looking from lays on the eastbound worked extension heading toward the bay bridge at Spector's study of construction keep tabs on that main line a turn pike in pretty good shape a lot of the parkway in the J. from one of the great garden state to the other totally Avenue in north Bergen north and south were slow you ten street that's all because of an accident being cleared no complaints now on the parkway south the one thirty one looks like that crash has been cleared one ninety five to ninety five and the Atlantic city expressway moving well we'll a problem in Hammonton on the westbound side a white horse pike coming the pleasant mills road it's a water main break the right lane is out of service and pens grow watch out for a full closure of one thirty both ways right in the area of main street that's all because of an accident involving a downed utility poles crossing the Hudson and Delaware you're good to go traffic every fifteen minutes your next reported eight eighteen I'm Mike Barker on New Jersey one a one point five New Jersey won a one point five news time eight oh five waking up New Jersey okay mornings at five first news with every Scott cold season is here that's why right now at Walgreens you can get select mucinous products for only fourteen ninety nine each with card get in and out in minutes so you feel better faster Walgreens trusted since nineteen no one uses directed restrictions may apply see store for details balance or through January eleventh here are getting their cash back match they just can't get enough.

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