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Meteorologist Abby Coney runs or forecast. Our sunny street continues across western Washington. And boy, it was beautiful out there today, we will essentially be dealing with a repeat on Monday now out there overnight will a mostly clear skies. We could be redeveloping some patches of morning fog into early Monday. We will be. Monitoring that potential for you. I think the sound sound and other fog prone areas and valleys had the best likelihood of seen reduce visibility and thought could be dense from time to time early Monday sunshine expected throughout the day tomorrow where we see that burning off L have high temperatures ranging in the upper forties and low fifties could be tracking some air quality concerns here and there, so we'll be watching that for you. I'm meteorologist Adia Coney in the color weather center, currently, clear skies and forty seven degrees in Seattle at KOMO news. A Lakewood man died in an officer involved shooting after charging officers with a knife early this morning police were called to the apartment along eighth street court south west when a man called dispatch saying that unknown person was in his apartment with a knife. Novices arrived, the male subject charged at them with a knife. The three officers fire the gun hitting the man and killing him at the scene. Subject turned out to be the forty three year old man would call police to report the man with the knife three officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation. Is conducted a deadly plane crash would be island yesterday. Investigators have identified the pilot who died after his plane went down into the woods near Porterfield woman on the plane was rushed to Harborview in critical condition. Komo's Tammy Mutasa reports island county sheriff deputies say sixty three year old Mark Drake died when his plane went down during a landing of the Porterfield runway near Langley there looks like from the pattern and the trees, they just went straight into the ground. Investigators say they got a mayday call before noon. First responders say Drake died instantly. It.

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