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It is eighty degrees here we're going to be dealing with lots of sunshine this week. Meanwhile in Hawaii hurricane lane they're. Starting to hit parts of the. Islands although there next traffic and weather together on the aids now expanded traffic coverage And it's seven eighteen delays in Rowlett westbound thirty near del rockets enacted at the right. Lane is going to be blowing you from at least, John king boulevard east Dallas westbound thirty at highway. Eighty, right at the merge accident the two left lanes Lucy giving, us a call on the dark. Traffic tip hotline on that one and then just beyond. That westbound thirty near Jim Miller, it's an, accident blocking the entrance to the HOV. Overall we're seeing the, delays back to at least Lefkada westbound six thirty five in garland road accident working in the express lane. Is adding to slow traffic now from about town center boulevard Randy fuller looking at delays in. Dallas northbound loop twelve welcome relief traffic, close starting to lighten up quite a bit from past, singleton to. One eighty three heading out of Denton. It's clear from post oak to one Twenty-one then passed the George Bush through Carrollton and. Beltline, it's slow, from story, to regal row then heavy delays go right. Into downtown grand prairie northbound George Bush it's slow from pioneer to Jefferson pioneer Near Parkway is blocked right there at one sixty one briefly and Rio gave us that information on the traffic tip line Jillian Rogers looking, at thirty five w. a. Northlake yeah it's still more than twenty. Minutes worth of backed up traffic starting around the alliance airport northbound thirty five minutes due to construction. Near TMS so that's still requires you to take three, seventy seven to save any kind of time through. There, we've also got I twenty unwinding from a problem eastbound approaching, three sixty and that's been gone. For over ten minutes but we're still slow more or. Less from the park mall eastbound, I thirty, in Arlington that's gonna be a stop. And go with pace, of traffic from cooks lane over to fielder in Allen northbound seventy five and Allen Dr it's an accident. In the right lane looks like you're slowing from just north of Baffoni southbound seventy five continues. To load up heading south through plano, and Richardson I'm Joyce Nielsen your next report at seven, twenty eight. And breaking traffic alerts when they happen The forecast now KRLD meteorologist Dan Bruneau taking us. Into the weekend heat and humidity are our weather story, we solve a lot of soil moisture Evaporating and the temperatures will reach random one hundred. Today tomorrow and on Sunday but you factor in. The humidity it'll feel more like one of four out there no rain in the forecast for the. Next several days it looks like as high pressure will continue to dominate our weather which had better news but at, least the first half of this month we saw some welcome rain temperatures now it's a. Little above normal currently Frisco you're seventy eight hundred eighty here at Carol d. v. only station in North Texas with news traffic and. Weather all day NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD hurricane. Lane is still out there just lurking offshore south. Of Hawaii a huge storms still it's been downgraded to a cat three. But wins. One hundred and twenty miles an, hour and torrential rains totally going to get worse This is a slow moving storm which means they will dump a lot of rain here on why some areas are expected to. Get up to three feet already, you can see. That. This is happening here on the big island the white Luca river.

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