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To 6 20 pm I mean, maybe you could throw that laptop on your lap and sit out in the backyard or sitting The park somewhere and watch these shows do that. Or you could look at the birds. Jason, Nathan said is joining us to talk more about some of the things that are gonna be on the screen this weekend. Jane at how are you Put a laptop on your lap? Yeah, that's what that sounds dangerous to me. What's it? It says That's where your thing your your area is. Your thing is yes. I know where that is. I don't wanna have battery on top of that. Well, why did they call it a laptop then? I don't know. I mean, I guess you could put it on your lap. But I don't know that people. Is that what they're doing. It's what people do, Jakes and that's what they do. Uh, Shannon, you're gonna have to convince us to watch this docuseries Alan v Pharaoh. Oh, it's great. Uh, I do better than that, Okay? I'm guessing Shannon. Watch the Britney Doc. Yes. Okay. And you loved it. Yes. Okay, then that's it. That's my case. I don't want to see a little girl get molested or talk about video, but she's talking about what happened to her by her alleged father like that. Yeah. Yeah, She does talk about it. It's tough, And that's why people need to watch it. I think Okay, so just a little context here. This is Alan V Pharaoh. It really goes heavy on The custody battle between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. When they broke up, not divorced. They were never married. They were just boyfriend and girlfriend. When they got together. She had six or seven kids. Several of them adopted a couple of them biological when, in the years that they were together. They had one adopted child That was Dylan that they adopted together as a baby. They had Ronan was biological child, and he adopted one of her kids that she had already had Moses. S O. Dylan, who was seven at the time claims that he molested her. And so this kind of gets into those allegations. There were a couple of criminal cases when in Connecticut, one in New York, but in both they never brought charges. He was never arrested. And it goes into kind of why. Then it goes into the custody battle as they were breaking up. But also at the same time this is all happening was the Sunni stuff that came out was revealed. That Woody Allen had started a relationship with me at one of Mia Farrow's adopted Children Soon Yi Previn, who was it doesn't really, I think, put an age on it, but she was either high school senior or a college freshman at the time, so 17 18 when they got together, romantically well going into this. What was your attitude about Woody Allen? I not a Woody Allen fan. Never been a fan of his movies. So this was not somebody who was sacred to me. Who I cared about his art all that much, and you couldn't watch this stuff because, you know, it's just the have to divorce the art from the guy and blah, blah, blah, Esso. I wasn't so concerned about that. I knew the basics of the story. But I didn't know the whole thing. And I knew that over the past couple of years, and this is where the Britney Spears connection comes in a couple a couple ways. The Britney Spears connection comes in with the recent documentary won. All this info is out. It was all in plain sight. There's there's some new reporting in the documentary some documents, they uncover some small things, but the major details We already knew this stuff, and it was very, very public. But when it's reframed in the proper way you go. Wow. Wow. How for years could you know this industry have supported a guy like this? Well, I mean, he's one of you know, we've probably got a dozen examples of guys. We could ask that same question. Absolutely. But and this is something that you know, I talked a lot about during, especially in the Weinstein stuff. First came out. And a lot of people were, you know, they didn't really know who Weinstein was. They were surprised to hear that there was this open secret about this guy. On so people would ask me. You know how How could this happen? How could Hollywood let this happen? Woody Allen. This is no open secret. It's open. This is no secret. This has been out in the open for years, and it still happens. And people still worked with the guy for a long time. And then in 2014, If you remember if the Golden Globes in 2014 he got the lifetime achievement award that Diane Keaton accepted on his behalf, or she thanked him while she was getting one. I don't remember which it was. But she does this great, glowing speech to Woody Allen. And then Ronan Farrow goes well, What about the part where he molested a seven year old daughter? He tweeted that and that started a whole new firestorm again about this, But still, people did not believe Dylan Farrow. Then the me to thing happens and she writes another op ed in 2018. And that's when people started to believe her and gain her story started to gain some traction. But still not 100%. I have a feeling after this errors and people watch it. That would be kind of the end of it. Have you seen I care a lot on Netflix yet. I have not. Okay, So this is with Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage is in it, too, They said it's brutally good, brutally entertaining. She goes and she like tries to a scam elderly people out of their homes and put them in a retirement home. And then she sells her statements. This whole big scam. But apparently the characters are really well done. She plays a creepy person again like she did when she cut off duty. Hauser's do G. Yeah, Jason, the other one. I had a question about was Nomad land. I finally saw about Peter's England. Maybe we'll see. You know that show won't wait. Wait Nomad land with the Frances McDormand. Yes, Worth it. Yeah, it's fantastic. This is one of those. That's getting a lot of buzz for awards season and for Oscar. It's going to be nominated for best picture. She's going to be nominated for best actress and likely win Right now she's the front runner. And it's It's all worth it. It's a beautiful film. It's fantastically done. It's quiet. It's basically about Frances McDormand plays a woman who is on the edges of society. She she lives in her van or her RV. And she's one of these people who do this, whether it's because of economic necessity or whether it's because they just want to go and it kind of explorers that world and I liked it. I liked it a lot. Awesome. All right. Have a great weekend. Jason you to take out Jason Nathan's in there with the latest on some of that stuff. And again. The Woody Allen Mia Farrow Document series is called Alan V. Pharaoh and the Nomad Land was we're talking about, and then Shannon's show was called. I Care a lot and there Just the preview alone. Rosamund Pike has played some creepy characters in her, does it? Well, she doesn't She nails it every time. All right. Our nine news nuggets you need to know. And if Jim Ryan is listening somewhere in Dallas, this is where it's about to get serious. A B king. What's going on? It's exhilarating. It is absolutely exhilarating. Scientists. JPL say it's exciting to see the images of Mars being sent back by the rover. Percy chief engineer Adam Still, Turner says the photos join a collection of iconic images sent back from space, including the moon landing. There are.

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