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A fair amount you know we cover some of his notable collaborations terrence malick and woody allen brian depalma the list goes on and on and also talk to sean penn is the talk to somebody that's kind of a kind of a custodian kind of a a the latest in a lineage of great actors and he has deep connections with some of the the past generations he was very good friends with marlon brando he's very good friends with jack nicholson to this day so some really fascinating interesting anecdotes including sean penn's marlon brando impression i don't know if i've ever heard that this might be a an exclusive so he's he's a fascinating guy i know i know he's divisive to some count me in the camp that that admires sean penn as an actor as an activist as an iconic last he's a sees a smart intimidating dude and i was thrilled to welcome him to the office and to have this very fascinating to say the least chat so i'm gonna leave it at that and let you guys enjoy this conversation remember to enjoy his new book bob honey who just do stuff it is out in bookstores if a bookstore still exists near you or amazon and all those other kind of fun places you can bite online and of course remember to spread the good word of the podcast remember to review rate and subscribe on itunes spread the good word of happy second fused it means a lot to me so thanks advance here it is sean.

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