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More generous strikes than a forty five year old Eacho in his final two kids playing in Japan. That's yeah. That's the sort of situation where you just give him a couple inches. They're worried about it. No one's gonna be mad the as aren't going to be mad. It's fine. Anyway, I'm sorry to see him go. It's funny that you you mentioned, you know, how there's only one degree of uniqueness. And you can either be unique or not unique. I can't remember who made this argument to me. But I keep thinking about it and find it semi convincing that it's okay to say so unique or like put Integrion unique this because obviously we're all unique in some way. But we're all unique in many ways also so that like each row is unique in that he played twenty seven years or I don't know if that's quite unique. But it's close he is unique in that he could place his hits wherever he wanted. And he's unique in that. He had that amazing memorable. Batting stance. Easy Nicoletti pit for really high everage is. So it's kinda unique in a lot of ways. Like there's more uniqueness about each other than there is about most players even though every player's unique at subway. I could be persuaded to this cause. Will not I will not spend my fussy editing quota on that I will spend it on other things. Any other Mariners reflection Eacho emotions? Kukuchi is fun. But that'll be that'll be fun. Every five days. It's nice to find a fun thing. I am definitely not going to remember. The Bruce was mariner in twenty nineteen just like accepting that now that struck me a couple times yesterday will see how long he remained to mayor cake. That's part of it. But hey there to know. Seattle mariners. Boy. Well, I'm trying to drag out our Mariners banter because scared of talking about extensions the extension onslaught. Got to do it. I should probably mention that. We have a couple of interviews. Coming up on this episode seems like something that maybe I should have mentioned earlier. This is a team preview podcast. It's the penultimate team preview podcast, and we're going to be talking about the New York Yankees with Lindsay Adler and the Miami Marlins with Andre Fernandez cannot really imagine two more mismatch team six v up Derrick jeeter in common. So we'll be talking to both of them soon. But we've got to get through the extension gauntlet here so seven I talked for basically an episode about Mike trips extension. So that's out of the way unless there's anything you want to add to that. But we have a whole lot of other extensions. Forget flakes. Now. We've got it seems Paul Goldschmidt. We've got Alex bregman. We've got away Jimenez. We've got Ryan Presley. We've got Brandon low and missing anyone. I don't know. I think that's it for the moment. But there. May have been more while we were talking. So the big question. I guess is. What is it all mean? And I am uncertain and kind of conflicted about what may take away about this is so looking forward to talking Pat it to see if we can come to any kind of consensus about this. I think it is useful probably separate these into different rockets. Yes. Right. So there there is the the sort of. Well, I guess men is is like the most extreme example of this on the prospect side has never played a major league inning was ticketed for for Charlotte. And so he's probably on the most extreme end of the of the prospect side of this along with I'm pretty sure it's it's Lowy. There's some there's some weirdness I'm gonna get yelled at Byron Kylie for mixing these. But thriftless was twenty thousand words long. So so there too, you know, we sort of have this like. Prospect contingent where it appears that may be the force that we're seeing is a bit of nervousness and trepidation on the part of some of these young guys to be reaching free agency when they are approaching thirty and so might be feeling pressure from their organizations that are sent to promote them as quickly as they are perhaps ready to take some money now. So that they have that life changing contract. Even though you know, if they were to be able to enter free agency today, they might be making an probably would be making based on the analysis..

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