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Has cleared still top after that Roosevelt circle into Somerville Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the three most beautiful day here in Boston good day to travel if you're heading out for the holiday temperature right now forty two or forty one degrees here in Boston we get up to about sixty a little bit later on people out in the Rocky Mountains are digging out from about a foot of snow this morning it's the first of two systems that could ruin thanksgiving for millions of Americans just simply trying to get home at snow hitting the Midwest or the south west rather Midwest dealing with high winds and heavy rain it'll be on our our doorstep on thanksgiving day between now and then it's a beautiful day today with high temperatures around sixty degrees some clouds and showers tomorrow and at a much colder thanksgiving day on Thursday right now forty one in Boston at seven oh five and finally we can put a name to the face of the new minor league baseball team coming to Worcester him what seems like the worst kept secret on the planet the team plucked from potok it is officially christened with the nickname of wool socks WBZ TV snake Emmons says there's some history behind that Nick name and the logo design more than one thousand people submitted two hundred eighteen names but nothing tops the Wu socks nobody saw well the name came easy a lot of thought went into the new logo to cursive W. a tribute to the city's motto as the heart of the Commonwealth and the mascot smiley ball a tip of the cap to Worcester's Harvey ball who designed the iconic smiley face back in nineteen sixty three the organization is gearing up for a fresh start in a new city moving from foot Tackett polar park set to open spring of twenty twenty one in the canal district one of the city's most developing areas ball park by the way the centerpiece of a redevelopment plan for downtown Wooster that is estimated to cost a quarter billion dollars getting set for a free ride in New Hampshire some of the toll booths on the ever turn pike are coming down starting a new year's day you can keep your fifty cents in your back pocket for the on and off ramps.

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