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Three months four months Just suggest this maybe not a root canal maybe do they take titanium thing I know it's painful. Yeah because. What other surgery did they do where they take something dead? They don't take out your bureau panics and leave something dead in you. Something dead in your, you have ten thousand. Ten thousand little capillaries and it creates a bacteria. So I'll have say this a friend of mine had a lot of problems like headaches and Migraines and everything, and she took a couple of those inputs attaining things. He has no problem depth that meet I have I have root canals. I've had no problem but I'm just suggesting that something you can think about. Picking a xanax right now I have I got him out the baseball but when I was eleven and I have twenty six fake teeth. So I have so many root canals. It's ridiculous. I had so many root canals at one point they took my gum off and lifted gum up and just cleaned out the roots and then sewed my gun back down. Wow but doesn't mean it's. Put your teeth back in my own teeth kind of I mean if you saw an x ray of what my real teeth like they are. They're all shattered. So everything's kind of crowns and Veneers Yale my God will think good people doing it again there's no pain headache. No No. I'm good I'm good. I get. I'm weird though like I don't. I. Don't I don't like I feel like I bounce back really quick cy party so much. If I don't drink for two days, I feel superhuman. But you must work out though to get that. Working I work a lot of fat because I like to Party so. You can do that in your forties. I'm I'm I'm fifty, six minutes eight this point I swear. I. Had A couple a couple of like I'll have a couple of glasses of wine, but remember had too much and I felt like was the next day. It was like the entire day and then the next day and I said, why am I screwing up several days over this? But you got enjoy life to. We'll do thank you for doing this congratulations on the special What a beautiful way to end it really was it was like you look at that and you're like God. Damn it man that was like it was a perfect with the whole family up there. Thank you. As the as things go on this time goes on you realize how special it is now short it is. The career and you never know when it's going to happen again and it's just nice to bring everybody up and say, hi, like look I one include people as I whatever I ended up doing coming up next. A couple of movies and see if that happens or another TV series but I wanted to do is nice include my family. That's also Nice about the real rob TV show.

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