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Four yard line all day to throw all day to throw and he hits a crossing pattern twenty nine yard gain down the dick Gabriel update on Josh Allen came out with a sprained and Tom. But he's back in keep an eye on him. But they're not getting any pressure on drew lock this formation. This time. And off going, right? And it's going to be tackled for loss against rocket Jordan Jones. Makes the stop and the bar. EA? Crockett Kentucky got good penetration. Jones. To make the tackle call it. No gain second down and ten for Missouri at the guitar forty four. Just a nice read by Jordan, shoots the gap meets him right at the line of scrimmage and drafted. Clocked out of it. Pistol now Crockett shifts over to the left tied in the white outright to wideouts left. And I'll straight ahead to Crockett, and there's very little their ends into cash. Dr cash back down to the forty yard line or gain a four. So it'll be third and six now rockets a load five eleven twenty-five five stood him up at Crockett is able to cash back. He can't grab you know with that. That's all he's got his arms. So you just kind of tries to wrangling down like a calf. And he was a one on one help. Third down six Missouri at the Kentucky forty. Tied into what outs to the last one white outright? That's knocks the outstanding freshman. He's got single coverage the top sidelocks, right? Blocked drops to throw pressured by Alan scrambles off to his right throws complete Crockett out of the backfield makes the cab Jordan Jones on the tackle down to the thirty one yard line to Chucky gain of non the first began. Josh Allen goes inside cash is on him as he tries to get their Cam and off Crockett running, right. He's up ended at the twenty-seven keeps his balance goes inside the twenty carrying Derek Blaney down to the eleven yard line. They thought they had it stopped. But he kept his balance and restarted and takes it all the way down to the eleven. That's a gain of twenty three plays already here. The first quarter for twenty or more yards four Mizzou. You can't just throw a shoulder near you. Gotta tackle a guy. Only Georgia had allowed fewer plays of ten yards or more than Kentucky this season coming into this game. We've got a wildcat player down over on the far side. Chris.

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