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Again of the importance of this and there's some that are just not gonna do it what we do. Yeah i'm still trying But you know when you look at the numbers. They're they're pretty depressing. So you know. Fewer than twenty percent of adolescents. In tennessee and alabama and mississippi sienna are vaccinated probably similar numbers and the rural counties up in up in east texas and young adults. Not much better maybe. Thirty forty percent so the vast majority are are unvaccinated. And you know. Unfortunately we've got a very aggressive. Anti vaccine machine out there that has now been adopted by conservative elements. I mean if you watch fox news or newsmax at night You're just seeing these regular anti vaccine rants and you saw that the cpac Conference a week or so ago. elected numbers of the us congress going against vaccines coming from the ultra conservative groups. So countering that it's tough because there it's there there's they're not tuning into other sources of information so i'm doing but i can't reach out to conservative groups. It doesn't have to be this way. I i don't know quite how all this happened. How you know the as. I often say the republican party was never an anti-science party Abraham lincoln started the national academy sciences. Eisenhower started nasa. George w bush started pep far. This is something kind of new and bizarre and hopefully we can Undea link it fairly soon of course when it comes to adolescence. This is more the purview of their parents determining whether or not they get vaccinated but as you said young adults so we're talking twenty and thirty. Somethings i imagine Their high percentage that are not of those there may be some that may not be anti vaccines in in any in any dramatic way. But who may say to themselves. I'm young and healthy. So i can. Just you know if i get covered. I'll probably be fine. What do you say that. But but there actually are linked because that is part of the disinformation has content and the content that's used and it's called weaponized. Health communication is the statement that. Hey if you're young and healthy go to the gym. You don't need to get the cove in nineteen backs and look at the death rates among young people like you. They're really low what they don't tell you is that you can still be hospitalized. And they don't tell you about the long-term neurologic effects From from long-haul covert and so there's deliberate omission in that in that information. So that's that's where we have to really hit home and get people to understand that. There's still quite risk. dr peter. Hotels is the dean of the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine. Dr houghton says thanks for the.

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