Mexico, Central America, President Trump discussed on Red Eye Radio


But if the new trump administration plan preventing most central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the U. S. Constantinopolitan creed court is reinstated a trump administration curb on asylum seekers that means if they come through another country they must first try to get asylum there it targets central Americans and immigrants from other continents they might try to come through Mexico or Canada to the border Democrats of roundly criticized the policy as inhumane and not keeping with the symbol and words on the statue of liberty however facing a huge influx of families from Central America the president is trying to make good on a campaign promise to curb immigration overall earlier in the day the administration announced people from the hurricane battered Bahamas will not be given special temporary protected status to enter Bob Constantini Washington the administration's plan to ban all flavored E. cigarettes is gathering support the Senate over the last two weeks hundreds of becoming one six have died from lung illness like the bank bring. on the third democratic presidential debate is set for tonight on the campus of Texas Southern University quite novel has a preview all ten candidates who qualify will be on one stage for a one night event opposed to the two previous do all night debates to qualify a candidate had to have received campaign contributions for at least one hundred and thirty thousand people and be pulling at least two percent in for approved polls this used to native believes Texas hosting a democratic debate is indicative of possible political change the state of Texas is probably not going to be rated for much longer she says with many Americans on the fence she has a message for the ABC news moderators ask the right questions that will help the culture and everything still very much a red state but tonight a hint of blue will steal the national spotlight from Texas quite novel Houston president trump says the U. S. is missing out economically because quote bone head said the federal reserve won't.

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