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Bill joy when you complete it don't you fucking hurt so back in that waking waking up in the morning knowing you have to do it and then about me having to come over here and like is doug on me good or am i gonna say i raced it again to you i never did that to you did i did i actually race one of our well i think that was like lavender our that you you know i i believe you i only there was one podcast maybe to where i told that lie i try not to lie anymore but there's like one or two where where it got raced but but i realized like oh shit man if i upload this you're going to not you but like it's just gonna it's not gonna be great for them i'm just kidding i'm just saying i'm stressing out the same way of like like i know you have a lot of listeners i'm like thinking this is kinda stressful help dunkin's listeners like me right you know what i mean yeah yeah that yeah right yeah that's like they love they love you man i mean because like a lot of my a lot of people listen to hardy familiar with two crew with pound house with your work on tim and eric your beloved that's but still that's all the mind isn't the mind is like constantly obsessed with like jesus christ like when when i go on rogan that drive over there is just like i'm just trying to watch my breath and i'm just trying to get in the moment because like with joe it's like what i've noticed with him is like if i come in there with like an agenda like if i if i come in there with the thing i want to especially if like there's something i wanna plug god forbid or if they're you know what i mean and like he would let me plug it but if my mind is thinking about that thing i need to plug or if it's thinking about his legions of fans some of which are like really mean people like they.

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