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That we face in the world one last general question name if we talk about specific issues and that is has there been anything about the biden foreign policy. That has surprised you that you didn't expect seven months ago. If there's one thing that surprised me. I think it's the ripples of tension in the transatlantic relationship how well the transatlantic relationship is sort of taken place on two tracks and the first being of course financing america's back and and being willing to meet with the president of the european union talking g seven partners and i think if you take a look at sort of rhetorical level. There's a lot of of bonomi. I guess you know in the sense of they are happy to be dealing with. Joe biden as opposed to donald trump and to be fair mission has taken steps that i don't think trump would have done for example announcing that the us would not sanction germany over and and russia over nord stream. Two would certainly would be a very prominent example. This is the pipeline bring gas from russia directly to germany bypassing each european countries that to some extent depend upon dues a royalties. They collect from allowing the transit right. And this of course. There's concerns that. This puts eastern european countries at a disadvantage of russia and also potentially gives russia leverage over germany in addition. So that's the the sort of you know on the surface. I think deeper down. I think the by administration has been somewhat surprised at how much european officials actually still embrace neoliberalism as we talk about it. In terms of sort of an open forum globalization because that is not necessarily what the biden foreign economic policy team believes. And so. this doesn't necessarily mean. There's there's going to be inevitable clash but i do think that some of the biden officials were surprised by the pushback. They've been getting from some of the european officials widely surprise game. Because i have heard about the biden team as they experienced veteran diplomats. Many of them who speak the languages of europe spent a lot of time in europe. So how can you be that now. They're suddenly surprised at the europeans. Actually kinda like globalization and neoliberal approaches because the foreign economic policy team while being very smart and having some background aren't necessarily europe experts are not necessarily diplomats and it's easy to look at europe and owner. They want a more managed form of capitalism. And it's not exactly the way europe fix about this. Which is they they believe in this sort of liberal international order and if you believe in the economic dimension of the liberal international order and so there are issues that the bite administration wants to policies that the biden wants to execute on things like industrial policy or government procurement. Or what have you. That are fundamentally at odds with the europeans. Think about this and so you could argue that paradoxically. The administration is suffering from the problem. That previous us administrations have actually succeeded in erecting. An order that the europeans bought into and the europeans are still believers in that..

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