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Nasty. Bj's on the ground man you'll see matchmakers. Listen we know you listen to this show call up. Robbie lawler college to myers put him in a bubble or whatever you gotta put him up and goes wrong. And let's get that fight official man god match up you know what data is going to be a fight where it's going to be a bloody mess. Fight has to happen. That's another one offering to make god's right there to go down so yeah that's gonna be one standard fight man and if they decide to do to not get to my because a good chance he's just not gonna fight again or whatever. The case may be just free run. Robbie lawler and carlos condit why not. Why don't you book that fight to a that. Would be a fatal. I bring back. Rory macdonald rory and yeah yeah right rory roby's cut name going now with the pf l. You know he. He won that fight in the first round. you've got those six points. So yeah he's he's doing gathering pf l. man and then another fight. That's supposedly supposed to happen. Which we all agreed that. It was very proper for the time being everybody. The john jones steve bay fight don't apparently doesn't wanna fight. Stay but we always said that. John jones i fi- heavyweight would be against. What would it be a title fight and what's better than fighting one of the greatest heavyweights that's done it But apparently that's another one. That john jones not interested in once eight hundred million dollars is not fighting anybody right well then he can just stay home and then bulk up like he's been doing and not be able to wipe your ass and you know don't fight you're not gonna make any money keep up dick pills and crashing in pregnant ladies. Yeah i'm giving and saving people with hot dog water. Let's not talk. It's a what do you call. The clock. Continuously ticks about john at any given day. Like you could crash or disrupted go wrong. So he's had a good run man but hey tomorrow's a new day but the longer he's non might and in a cage or getting ready to fight steve bay fight. That's an amazing matchup manfred for john jones. Come into wait very proper man. It's disappointing bad. He's a turning that fight down and you know stupid. Baby won't take it but don don't apparently not interested so that's pretty shitty. Yeah so ducking. Dokie dot duck veto bro. Islam- not only ducking. He might be hiding under the fucking cage again like he did from so. I know probably yeah. That's that's pretty much the fight bookings right. There's a other than Dan hardy versus nick. Years it's never going to happen. But he's calling piece calling him out and he wants to go fight overseas at either rising or at one because he wants to be out there that fucking uc contract though he can fight him overseas and they'll music probably buy them overseas because he wants to get rotated out while he's been wanting to fight somebody for like seventeen straight years. Haven't seen it happened since he got knocked out carlos condit so yeah. Yeah he does. Usc contract just rip it up. Let him go. just let him go and book. Nick is already gone down. Exactly the hell's going on now. Oh man well for chiller came out today that They're going to have a new series coming out kinda like what they do with tough but the guy the man behind the So you think you can dance and american idol. I keep forgetting his name keys going to produce a show called. Cdc it can fight Yeah so it's gonna be a guys. I wanna fight. They're going to be training and sparring and fighting against professionals. Oh god yes. And i don't know exactly how it's going to happen But yeah that's that's what the concept is right now is where they gonna fight professionals spar train going through this grueling training session and And fight still yet you. It's gonna be something new coming out on trailer so Keep an eye out on facebook. Image dot com. I will be having does updates because they are sending to me to publish it on the website so basically a freak show folks you want to see people get knocked the fuck out. It's going to have a lot of is on it. They're fucking reinventing the wheel as far as a yak. That's not quite ultimate fighter. Tough house level. Not like it is what it is but hey people are gonna fuck and watch you'll mix it up with a little fear factor and i'm in i wanna see somebody and goat dick yet and it is not just boxing. They're going to have to. And you know ralph yes. So they're gonna have enemy. Have boxing yet. So it's very interesting man and especially the guy that's going to be Producing it at does a singing competition in a dancing competition on the article. It said somewhere whereas snoop dogg said. That dancing in boxing is pretty much the same because of the movements. That you gotta do what we should start our own promotion so you think you can dance sing and fight at the same time. We'll have to do a couple a fight been burrell's is couple kinda like dancey dance fighting pretty much. Though it's a it's it's a weekly hour long serious and it's going to be that she here The series will of celebrity action star with a pro fighter each who will select an amateur boxer through a global talent search and competition along with audience voting participation Basically celebrity death match twenty. one eight. Somebody you could vote for them to get their ass. Beat a yeah pretty much. That's what's going to happen bro. People they're gonna hate somebody and then being that's bottom in this guy. Let's seem gary. I can't wait. You're gonna eat it all up for sir. I'm trying to find okay. So here we go. Just new dot says boxing dancing share the same movement and the same rhythm and who better to take fight club to the next level that the person who brought the american idol. You think you can dance. So it's a it's going to be a movement and showmanship all counts towards the victory. Which in our case. It's hopefully by a knockout okay. That sounds. That sounds weird. I'll watch is. I'm gonna watch when you every Listeners win that ships chosen a dane. Go up here and see if they even announced when it's gonna debut.

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