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William Keighley greetings from Hollywood ladies and gentleman probably no modern writer has given us more extraordinary situations in this story is more excitement and suspense and drama then W. Somerset Maugham tonight we bring you universal's adaptation of his recent novel Christmas holiday the compelling story of a woman whose life is shattered by a tragic crime who finds herself caught between a hopeless love and a man who tries to free her from its bondage that woman is portrayed tonight by one of Hollywood's outstanding styles the reading young making her eighteenth appearance on this stage Starbird miss young is David Bruce from the original screen cast of Christmas holiday also William Holden who just last week received his honorable discharge from the army air forces and is making his first return appearance in radio I have the privilege of following bills career when I was in the same branch of the service and also the privilege of following the productions of this the other broadcast overseas by shortwave I can honestly say those broadcasts what is much of a blessing to men in isolated islands steaming jungles and waste assets as a cake of luck so and that is NO exaggeration if people knew how much small luggage it is like a cake of looks so far appreciated overseas I'm sure we'd all be doubly grateful for them here at home grateful to that looks can bring us three find.

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