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Art and kind of pointing out things that that couldn't be shown in in the room physically and what kind of form might that take yes i think like the the website is often a good platform for that one of the really great things about momo when i was there was that they viewed the museum of modern art in new york as three locations the main moma and then their ps one their contemporary space and then the website and so they thought of the museum as three spots but the website had as equal importance as her physical space and so when they were creating content and when they were deploying an exhibition the website had a lot of prominence and they really work with the artists are really put up information there and i think that really helped it made the website kind of a place for discovery and additional information and education and maybe people who couldn't visit the museum could go there and just learn about the exhibition i'm talking with nisha engineer chief technology officer of seattle art museum when we come back we're going to talk about working with non museum tech giant's you're listening to geekwire we'll be right back after a break this geekwire podcast is brought to you by permira blue cross we sat down with torben nielsen premier as vice president of innovation and strategic investments to talk about the premiera chat bot developed in partnership with microsoft we call on scouts a with scout you could ask a whim i ant with my deductibles or am i eligible for particular procedure those some of the use cases and we're solving full right now and we'll be launching over the next few months and as we learn from our members how they engage with scout of usually scout becomes more and more intelligent as part of the machine learning process and that's part of the expertise that we partnering with microsoft on learn more about technology and innovation at premera blue cross at premera dot com slash innovation that's p r e m e r a dot com slash innovation.

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