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I dunno, I forget which one it is and they're on the beach and she's are sitting every time she moves positions. They just move the blackbox like the black boxes. Just following her everywhere goes, she's moving and she's talking like seriously, it's starting to be too much like what. Twenty four, seven. I know that's the thing. It's like I can see your entire nipple like crystal. Everybody's saying out. So why can't like is ask that offensive and it's, it's just like lower s cheek. Last week? I don't. I don't understand at all. It's for maybe there's some kind of like TV law that we don't know about. I, I'm the only other thing I can be Adam is if it is if it's like an inside joke with the producer's like they're Now Sean. Yeah, yeah, for sure thing. And then Connor showed up Monday and he immediately was interested in crystal. Crystal was kind of fan Girling over Connor, which I feel like just means that they talked before. They got paired of just like a little bit of DM sliding like foreshore every cast member has through that because they know who's going to be on or they hear about who's going to be on. And if they like somebody, I feel like the go-to move is disliked and their dams. It'd be like, hey, can't wait to me you on paradise because the other thing too is. I mean, crystal said, I'm coming into the seasons. I wanna me Connor, whatever. It's like, I don't understand how you one hundred percent know who he is. He was on variety in minutes and she's like that that was interesting to him. All he did was a picture of Lincoln across the pool. Literally. The only thing he did on the season was what made you want to come on paradise and meet this person. We're not buying bizzarre so she, she, I kinda denies Connor. She's like, I really liked Chris a good place. I'm not. I don't think I would go on the date and he comes back and asks her anyway, ballsy move. And I actually really liked the way crystal handle it because she was like, look, I'm going to be very transparent with you. I'll go with you on the date, but you have to know like I really like Chris, and I'm going to be thinking about Christmas state with you when she said that, though, I got the impression that she was turning the date down like I'm not out of state bubble blah, because all the is thinking about Chris, so whatever. And then so when she came back, she told Chris, which may Chris light up and then she comes back and then she ends going on the date. It's what the hell. Well, I think that's kinda on Connor though, because it's like Connor. If you're if you're going to hear her say, I'm going to be thinking of Chris, and you still want to take her anyway. She looked at him straight in the eyes, and it was like, okay, I told you what's going to happen like a little bit of misconstrue the, yeah, maybe it was just confused by the way. Crystals speaking to him. Yeah. So they go on to think think about think about how Chris Christie sucks so bad, but truly, who are you picking like Chris or Connor a better relationship? I feel like it's kind of, you know, no good choice there. Right. There's definitely there's definitely not Chris. They go on their date Chris immediately like polls. Crystal aside after the date. And I think like that that was the end of Connor Connor had chance is avenue saw crystal after her day still like all over Chris. Like, sorry, you're screwed. Sorry, the the make out in the ocean wasn't enough. It didn't. It didn't do it. And then we had an exit. This was like a weird, five minutes of TV because everybody just like started leaving out of nowhere..

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