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As we had been just kind of i will say throwing the cars together but almost own the cars together because a lot of stuff was coming in real late and you really didn't have the time to really sit there and have it on the plate for a day or two and go through various setups you know and but to be able to kind of put things together in timeframe we did and show up and have you know reasonably good speed off the truck and and last week we had two cars make it to the second round in qualifying which you know i don't know that we've ever done that before fine has always been our achilles heel and you know michael was in the second round at atlanta too so just really really good signs to me and not feel like once we get past this hurdle the west coast races and the race season becomes a little more routine force after that and we will have more time to take and really massage on these cars and really work through multiple setups and give the crew chiefs a good game plan when they show up i just feel like just being that much better shape but it was really just leap of faith this year until you made her she lives at atlanta with michael day david you didn't know if you'd be really really you know are we still going to be you know this thirtieth place race team out there or or what are we still don't qualify thirtieth and thirty first you know and you know you can't get too high can't get too low and i'm trying not to get too high we we had a initial look at this package at the homestead race last year you know we took we had the most current spec car we had the best engine we could get out around yates and had the best drivetrain package that our drive train provider could provide david ran really good the whole and we had terrible practice in we still ran really good in race and landon ran pretty good too and.

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