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Degrees. And right now, it's cold. It's twenty six President Trump did confirm the chief of staff. John Kelly is on his way out Trump made these someone unexpected announcement of leaving for the White House for the army navy football game on Saturday. John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. We'll be announcing we'll be taking John's place it might be on an interim basis. I'll be announcing that over the next day or two, but John will be leaving at the end of the year. The retired general has been the chief of staff for about seventeen months now much of his tenure there, including rumors of his imminent departure attached to it while a number of replacements. Have been bandied about no official names. Inconsideration now on Fox News Sunday National Economic Council director, Larry cudlow was asked why John Kelly leaving. I don't know to be perfectly honest. I think it was very amicable very scarce on words, Mr. Kudlow as he was pressed was he can't or did he leave on his own accord? I don't think he was fired. I wasn't privy to that final conversation. But the president's had great things to say about him president's expected to make the announcement in the coming days as to who Kelly's replacement will be he reiterated that the plan via Twitter last night. He said, I'm in the process of interviewing some really great people for the position of White House chief of staff, he said that quote fake news has been saying with certainty that it was gonna be Nick Ayers. He said a spectacular person who always be with our agenda. I will be making a decision soon airs, by the way is leaving his position as chief of staff for the vice president one of the lawsuits. Against the Trump administration's ban on transgender people serving in the military moves forward today in federal appeals court. Here's FOX's Jessica Rosenthal. The administration's appeal in Dover is Trump will be argued before the DC circuit court. There are two other cases and in all three judges have said the transgender community stands. Good chance at convincing the courts that the transgender military band is discriminatory, and what caused them irreparable harm. They argue that banning transgenders would impact military readiness. The Trump administration says transgender folks aren't necessarily able to deploy immediately and that impacts readiness. The Trump administration asked last month to skip the whole appeals process and just go straight to court. The justices would have to decide by January eighteenth. If they'll consider the matter this term and Jessica Rosenthal. Fox News, six forty eight Catholic church officials say two nuns responsible for misappropriating a large amount of money from southern California Catholic school to the tune of at least five hundred thousand dollars the. Monsignor of the Saint James Catholic church wrote a letter to parisioners as Sister, Mary Margaret, Krueger and sister Lanna Chiang were found to have used funds thought to be up to five hundred thousand dollars set aside for use at the Saint James Catholic school, that's in Redondo beach. So what did they allegedly spend it on traveling and gambling two nuns? The information was uncovered by an internal investigation, but the church in the archdiocese there have chosen not to press for criminal charges. They say that the sisters are still in the order and that restitution and punishment will be handled from within these sisters have reportedly owned up to everything and they're asking for their parisioners forgiveness. So this Catholic church officials say two nuns nearly made off like bandits half a million bucks. Wow. China's foreign ministry has summoned the US and Canadian ambassador to China for a meeting to protest the arrest last Saturday of Ming wings. Now, the chief financial officer of a major tech company that's called why wait technique. Mang was taken into custody in Vancouver Canada at the direction of the United States and faces extradition to the US was she's accused of helping the Weiwei technologies of American sanctions on Iran China. Call the arrests lawless reason Lewis and ruthless and extremely vicious and they called for Canada to release Ming immediately. Beijing warned of serious consequences. It Ming is not free. And I think that's rattling Wall Street now on Friday. The Dow Jones industrials finished down five hundred fifty eight points in right now, Bloomberg market minute has the futures what down anywhere between eighty and one hundred points when trading resumes picks up for the start of the week at nine thirty this morning eastern time. It's now six fifty NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM from our traffic center. Once again is John hamlet this report.

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