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Up and it is like we've had a a long spring. Really we were still in spring and things have just been steadily blaming a little wet. But you know, we hasn't been winter. If you think about very dinner we were out. Head cold weather, Oku weather, and then the spring has been run on run on cue everything started blaming early. Like it's supposed to nothing really got completely zapped than we see every year for even the magnolias. I mean, we saw that one. But overall, I mean, it's been you spin. The bradford. Got it. Branford payers God. All right is okay with that. And. Yeah. So we're moving right along spring. Is is spunk. Enough had so many people I guess because we're educating people. A lot of people know that the frost date around here, April the fifteenth. Right. So they know that they shouldn't really plan. Anything tender in the ground before then. Well. Yeah. That's not happening because it with the mount temperatures, we've had the last ten days two weeks people been planning tomatoes, annuals Perennials. And I mean, you know, midsummer so. I mean, I see maybe. Night. But we don't have any killing frost in the forecast. Always about sound like a weather. Oh, yeah. We're actually we're fine. We're. But I've said it to a lot of people said, can you what do you think my planning these impatience in this container because I got people coming over on planting planting whether it's okay. We're fine. Yeah. A lot of Easter plantings getting patios fluffed up for Easter. Any time. There's a holiday like Easter coming around which it is week from tomorrow..

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