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Of modern Leto, we probably print over five hundred plus custom publication titles, and they're not large quantities. I mean, you're talking to community of maybe, you know, two to five thousand but those people are bought in to that to that community. They want to contribute. They wanna consume that content, and it is just really cool. And obviously, we talked about how a printed magazine really does add that value for that community and. It's just a lot of times. That magazine is the lifeblood that that community surrounds themselves around. So. Yeah, absolutely. We definitely have seen the rise of the niche publication market. I would say, you know, I tell people all the time when they visit our publication printing facility Jefferson City that if there's an interest that you have there's a magazine for it. Right. It's incredible. I mean, I could list off title after title of hobby and interest groups professional groups animals, those kind of things I mean, there are entirely communities as as Cassandra men out there small communities, but they're tight knit communities. They love what they do. They're passionate about it. And the media that they choose to share that passion with each other is printed me he had since a magazine in all of them have digital content as well. They all have a website. They all do a great job of communicating content via that, but you know, when they really want to get that cover story into people's hands. They want to get those photos people's hands. They do it via their magazine. So it it again, we talked about this has been going on for not just generations or centuries, but millennia passing story down in the written form, and the printed form, and these niche communities Cassandra, as you mentioned, they have communicate information needs to get communicated to them, and the printed media is medium is one of the best ways or affective ways to do that. So that means if people are out there thinking, I wish I could have a magazine about blank or publication about Blake it either exists or they go work with Martin Luther will make to help make it happen. I bring I absolutely we make your ideas and make tangible and real, and that's what print is all about, you.

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