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Flew as fast as we could to their location. The arrived some fifteen minutes later they could see. A helicopter had crash landed Mako three zero head tried to, set up an observation post on the, mountain but. The blistering fire for milk Qaeda fighters severely damaged the helicopter in caused one commando petty. Officer first class Neil Roberts to fall from the helicopters. Ramp into the snow the gun ships infrared cameras showed grainy grossly figures. Against the colts snow in Single, flashing Strobe the kind of Americans in combat we're on their. Fatigues and we. Saw petty officer Roberts he was on top of the ridge He had a infrared Strobe. Going off which is how we could tell it. Was him soon the computer screen showed figures surging toward Roberts in. His Strobe was switched off, he, was in the hands of. Al Qaeda fighters the gunship couldn't fire because of, what the military calls danger close if you fire that point you you risk, hurting the friendly. What happened next was a mission to rescue Roberts an effort that would. Lead to appear of medals of honor. In seven Americans dead sergeant Chapman the combat controller who calls an air strikes in the other. Commandos quickly reassembled in hopped into another Chinook helicopter they. Flew directly back in the Hornets nest The helicopter lumber toward. The summit in the commando spilled out but the gunship couldn't make radio contact with a commando team Neko three zero so they couldn't fire and support, and they watch on their computer screens this Chapman. And the other commando surge toward al-qaeda bunkers Chapman was out in front he goes straight towards the bunker and eliminates, bunker number one killing two fighters in a bunker that. Was a little more than a whole next to a tree to Chapman side. A machine gun was aimed toward Mako three zero. Chapman left the cover of rocks and trees in reentered a second. Funkier Harrison could see tracer, rounds, in explosions light up on. The warships computer screens there was an absolute melee, of fires going back and forth between friendly and enemy Chapman was hit the, leader of the. Group master chief petty officer Brits or Vinci slid toward him in the. Snow he described what happened in an. Interview on Fox News back in may when He was awarded a medal of honor I call over John crawl over the top John looking for. Some some sign of life element I didn't get any no movement no sound rights and from. Convinced Chapman was dead so Lewinsky knew his team had to move away from enemy fire to survive there were multiple casualties they pop smoke grenades to, conceal their movements in the commandos slipped and slid. Down the mountain finally make oh three zero make contact with a gun ship All the. Commandos asked for the gun. Ship to fire the all Qaeda fighters to cover their rescue then something strange happened remember chief Master Sergeant Harrison we saw another Strobe that. Came active on top of the rich our US military, Strobe for the men they were trying to rescue petty officer Robert his stroke had been disabled by al-qaeda what was this one the airship Fard rounds of massive went oh five millimeter shells. But kept clear of the area near this Strobe signal. Harrison so the aircrew was confused it. Was only later after an exhaustive investigation with new technology completed by the air force in two. Thousand sixteen that the story was. Complete here's chief Master Sergeant Greg Smith with the. Air force special operations command as you enhance some of the video and were. Able to follow the. Actual movement and then compare that to other video footage and where John was found on the. Mountain there's, no other plausible. Explanation where he was found absolutely Correlates, with movement that was seen later in. The tape what they? Learned is that sergeant Chapman clearly regained, consciousness, in for Al, Qaeda until the end preventing the rescue helicopter from being down. His body was found just. Outside bunker one he was awarded the air force cross the second highest award for combat valor all these years later Harrison can't shake that. Day I still get goosebumps we're literally surrounded by heroes, and the type of valor is demonstrated by certain Chapman is just one of those things for the history books in today at the White House surgeon Chapman's widow Valerie will accept the medal. Of honor for her husband turned on NPR news Washington China and the United States are resuming trade talks. This week in Washington this is even as a fresh round of tariffs on each. Other's goods is set to take effect tomorrow we're going to have the latest now from. NPR's rob Schmitz in Shanghai the US is set to impose. Tariffs. On sixteen billion dollars worth of Chinese products. Ranging from motorcycles to railway. Cars while the Chinese will respond with tariffs on an equal amount of US goods that'll. Include coal medical instruments and cars Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Liu Cong told reporters yesterday China was upbeat about today's talks in Washington but he didn't make any promises will Mahajan londongold. Should a holiday will we certainly hope the talks could lead to good outcomes, but one thing you. Should know is that we. Prefer no unnecessary prejudgments. And predictions President Trump was, also reluctant to express much optimism at a campaign rally in West Virginia yesterday I have people coming to me some people in congress sure g you, get this, deal done a meeting it doesn't work that way I don't want to go, to Fast the deal's not going to be good if we do that the US is. Holding hearings this week about additional, tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of, Chinese imports that could go into effect as early as September six China's vowed to retaliate with tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth. Of US goods and escalating trade war will cast a new light on events this. Autumn where President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping may have a chance to negotiate a. Deal such as an Asia Pacific Economic cooperation summit in November. As. Well as g twenty meeting in Argentina later. That month rob Schmitz NPR. News Shanghai this is NPR news And this is WNYC in New York at seven twenty nine seventy three degrees mostly cloudy skies in New York City stay with us headlines from NPR, and the WNYC newsroom, are. Coming up straight ahead WNYC is supported by Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin.

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