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In that match was unbelievable and that that's certainly not your nil nil soccer match that i hear so often from non soccer pitch would nil nil or one one or one nil site that wasn't that there was plenty of scoring in and it was entertaining as heck and it was an awesome match just to have that beyond the first full day of the world cup is is amazing even wheels watched it i did it i was disappointed thirty minutes i watched that game the match game whatever we're in america america it's a game that's fine i watched the last thirty minutes of the game and i tell you i was disappointed because the drama of it being three two in rinaldo is on the short in can can they come back and right and you know he gets that free kick and he puts it in there like it's nothing like hey i'm just going to place it in the top corner over there gets it could lead a band around a wall of your other human beings that i i would say that include the matching in your sales pitch but don't include them because that's also a big time the it's the group stage so they don't play extra time they just take the point but it's kinda funny and i understand i understand the like the right right just a few extra minutes let's get one more goal just give me five minutes look even even when hockey's playing in the olympics they end in ties but at least they give you an overtime at least they they gave it they gave us some more they gave us some more and there's a break they brought him back out five minutes and but no understand that it is a little funny when you're watching and it was such an amazing game.

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