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I am DWI as always I am joined by my co host the June Pedder dogs. I renamed deniro Tarbert. Ian, falcons Twitter the quick draw McGraw Facebook messenger. The trash talker. Supreme she will not be bossed Gina Matt online, Thomas Gina. How're you doing? I'm doing great, David. Thanks. How're you fantastic. Joining us for today's podcast is one of our writers, his one of our defensive mind guys of love reading his write ups at the falcons dot com. We were talking about none other than Eric Robinson. Eric. How're you doing man? I'm doing great. But how do you remember all? You do this about eighty times, and eventually becomes part of your in your soul. Right. Wow. Yeah. It's it's it's it's in the Roddick tick now, I think actually wake up in the morning saying, gene as nicknames. But. It is what it is. So let's just jump into it. Let's talk first of all about the the game this weekend. Obviously for full detailed thoughts on the game versus Washington. You guys can check out our post game podcast, which was handled by Corey a Koi Woodruff at the foul. Carla com as well. He does a good job with those. So we'll just touch on it briefly. But Gina wanted to go to your first. What were your thoughts on that performance up in Washington? I was actually really thrilled with it. I thought that it was the most complete game that I've seen the team put together to this point of the season. I felt like the defense played much better than they have. I thought that they looked a lot more cohesive. They looked a lot faster that was something. Dan, Quinn, specifically mentioned that everybody was more comfortable now. So they can play more at game speed. And I think that we saw that. And I was just genuinely impressed. Yeah. Eric what we thought on what you saw in Washington this weekend. That bad baseless. It was so nice to say don't say anything at all. Nice to say that we looked like a theme that was prepared. They looked like they utilize their by to, you know, get healthy in six two issues on both sides of the ball. And nee you know, they came out and they executed all three phases. They outplayed Washington from start to finish. Yeah. For me. I I keep going back to the offense of line. Yeah. We talked about this on the phallic live this week. And I just felt like that was the unit that really came to play. I mean. I think Josh Norman is still having nightmares about that hit that Jake Matthews later on him which was glorious such a fantastic block. You know, the Julio Jones touchdown notwithstanding. I feel like that was play the game just watching. Josh Norman, get absolute level. Alex Mack had bounced back to. But really, I think the big sort of surprise was the the step up from guys like west Schweitzer, Ben garland, who both had really really strong games Sajida before we close out this talk about the win this past weekend, which took the falcons to four and four. They're now five hundred what were your thoughts on Schweitzer in garland. Obviously coming into this game last week's podcast. We expressed a lot of concern about this particular duo. But it least for this first game together, they looked really sharp. Well, I'm going to have to seem that these guys listen to the Falko Hollick podcast how Mike oh account. Now, we're gonna prove these assholes wrong because they both did look really good. But you know with the offense of line and. Regular. I think that, you know, more time working together, they become more comfortable guys on their side of them. So I think much like Eric set about the defense. I think that the offense also benefited from that a week away from the playing field. So that they could just work on their chemistry and be more cohesive. But yeah, I was very impressed with guard play if they can play at that level for the rest of the season, man. I don't wanna get too crazy, but they should do. Okay. Yeah. And it's not just to be clear. Washington is not a bunch of pushovers up the middle. They have some talent there. So I think that was really my big concern earlier in the week, and they completely dispel that..

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