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Everyone, welcome to sandy K nutrition, health and lifestyle queen. Today with me, I have guests taw and Cole witty. They are retreat facilitators and psychedelic educators. And we get into all the things, including psychedelics, or if you want to call them power plants, which is something that they love to use as a term, we talk all about it, you know, why you would want to do that. Why would you want to even consider plant medicines, psychedelics, power plants, and how important is it to really be prepared if you do decide that this is something that you want to explore? And it was an incredible conversation. I'm not going to say too much more, but I do want to say, I did do a couple of polls on my Instagram. And it was interesting because one of the questions I put out there was, do you think we just have to live with past trauma? And a resounding no was the answer. I believe it was 83% of the people who answered my poll said no. But then I said, do you believe we should just not go there? And interestingly enough, that was almost a 50 50 split. So to me, that's a little bit of an oxymoron. Don't you think? Because on the one hand, people are saying the majority of people are saying, we don't have to live with past trauma, but then it was a 50 50 split on people who answered and said, yeah, some people said we should just not go there. Interesting, isn't it? I thought it was really, really interesting. And I'm going to give you my own personal point of view. I believe that if you have mysterious illnesses and they are not resolved by diet, lifestyle. So, you know, you eat healthy. You live healthy, you exercise you're at a good weight. You keep inflammation down. You do all of the mindfulness stuff and yet you still have some pretty crippling issues, diseases, whatever they may be. Maybe that's a reason why you'd want to investigate this further. Or let's say you have crippling anxiety or crippling depression and you know that you've got some pretty serious trauma in your history. Whatever that might be, whether it's,.

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