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Confident kid and so she's got to make her own choices she does need to play the piano because i play the piano and that takes i think this kind of refreshed introspection but a hard part of this entire discussion is that there is a lotta privilege underlying it there's a lot of luxury in being able to say gosh i wanna live wisely i want to cultivate this really lovely life for myself and that's not available to every one so i feel like a sense that i am not absolve from asking these questions since i have that luxury met privilege but i also need to constantly be mindful that not everyone does well then but i will say this i also think we have to be careful and understand that there are people who live in what our current framework we would understand as not privileged you can call it poverty you can call it a third world you can call it any number of things who do live wisely abby lee lou that's well are happy he and half's lives that we would think of as simple uh not because they're better just bit because the complexity of modern life is absent in a lot of places in this um world and it's not i mean and it's not just always an unequivocal good thing to add the complexities of modern life i think is another understatement it's the complications they might produce the privilege in which we have to ask these questions but they also sorta produce the crisis in which we feel you have to ask them in the first place you know what i mean lie add at so true i think that's part of it too and to your point about two girls i remember one time hearing demi moore see this on oprah unelected demi moore for lot of advice but i remember her saying i just tried to look to.

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