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Jay going to work prior okay let me shift gears breaking news been on the phone all morning long i'm hanging out with the la chargers tonight in their draft room and have been talking to a variety of people not them of of people here's what's happening in las vegas this morning we have now changing odds we have multiple local multiple national reporters reporting when i'm gonna tell you right now the cleveland browns are gonna take baker mayfield with the number one pick i wouldn't do it they're going to do it let me explain why here's what i've been told the cleveland browns have general manager john dorsey john dorsey used to be in green bay when he was in green bay the packers acquired brett farve and he changed the world they believe baker mayfield has farve qualities lil baggage playmaker cocky over the top change the franchise i'd like to look at the camera now and say something i do not think baker mayfield is brett farve i would like to quadruple down on that before the draft i do not believe baker mayfield is brett farve brett farr falls from the sky once every thirty years in this league baker mayfield fell when he was tackled by cops and fat bill i do not believe that the same level of talent but let me tell you i is a glorious day for me and absolutely glorious day for me because i like sam darnold as a prospect as a quarterback as a person and as a leader.

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