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But this time i was at work and my heart rate by my blood pressure dropped almost fainted something called the ambulance cents an hour as part of andor direction and i didn't know that until i got home and read about it because it had an i've just happened to be about ten times since i've turned thirty one one of the many times you don't figure out what it is but what are they having any speculation well after i wouldn't be the i'll explain this to me it looks like this you know what i went to him he's like it sounds like you're mildly allergic to something we don't know what it is right to say for example it's celery right even though i'm big mike i probably wouldn't meet celery right but if i salary and i'm at rush eat it i'll be fine but late celery salary and my heart rate increases you know then the more the getting dragged the teachers by the blood from the stomach may be or the heart rate increases the direction of already kick in and your your hearts compensating for the blood pressure dropping but okay keep going big mike this look views would you not by the celery or would you say came i don't know i would i would take the probably covering and peanut butter truck consume something like that for that for a big mike but but about gay mike let's he yet i don't know what they might see we don't talk that much ivanka parsley us i i i i don't read a lotta brain anymore i try to try to lose weight you know trying to drop it but i listen there's there there's a rare syndrome insisted ringing in the back of my head of.

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