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Yes you have to wait two weeks because we have actually two special episodes coming up to you right now the first one is this week and we're going to air episode of sung missed that we recorded with our friends which are tina chow richard tina size get the good mo's he's traveling all over the place follow him on instagram he he is cookie as to what they mile and is going to be in mexico and his he's just he's just doing all this amazing things and if you haven't heard sung mass possessor does yes less ivan google loca sung is one of my favorite if not my favorite podcast out there all of a lot of the the music that i recommend to you guys comes from beverly and richard tina from song mass they are music journalist based in new york on now richard is traveling over the place but they're always bringing new stuff so richard was here not too long ago and he said let's record an episode let's try to do an episode about newish music so we said down and we're like best bodies so we talk for an hour but in the meantime as we were talking we started making recommendations about music and the good thing about sung mrs that he actually plays he actually plays the episodes so this is what are you going to hear this week and actual episode of sung mass where you can actually hear the recordings and we're going to go buy music father brings awesome recommendations from what the myla central.

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