ABC, Representative, Minnesota discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Chance of no justice no peace heard as part of demonstrations outside the White House for the very latest we bring in any Morris from our Bloomberg ninety nine one Washington newsroom angry protesters took over the streets of Washington DC last night some of them setting fires vandalizing buildings and cars and looting just blocks from the White House historic Saint John's church outside the White House was vandalized and set on fire Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser activated the National Guard the justice department has now deployed the U. S. Marshall service and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration to supplement those National Guard troops outside the White House anymore as Bloomberg daybreak all right Amy thank you and rest across the country took center stage on the Sunday talk shows let's come together let's be prayerful specially on Sunday morning about how we can put our differences aside because this is the greatest country in the world and we want to live up to the legacy of America house speaker Nancy Pelosi on ABC's this week where we also heard from Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar we're living in a country that has a two tiered justice system.

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