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In a pretty solid match the rim division and then the fatal five way match the nfc championship defending colorado adam. Cole jennifer gone on. Pete done i had adam cole. Don trade colorado and carrying cross did get the victory and retain the next championship Really good fatal five way match. These guys put on a clinic. How these types of matches it go incredible work by all five men. I really liked the finish with colorado having the submission. Hold on adam cole. Only have carrying cross Do the chokehold to On kyle riley to relinquish the hold on adam cole and then passing out to get the victory really really fun match out trae great fatal five way your thoughts. Here's karen cross retains yet normally. I hate odd number bed matching. Because there's all like i don't like triple breads and i don't like five ways because there's always one guy outside of the loop there's always an odd man out and the way they did this match to explain why the odd person always kind of out made a ton of sense whether it you know carrying cross getting suplex on the table or the double power bomb on the table to take him out of the equation like set it up so well It was great. I love the. I love the match. I love the finish it was. It was a fantastic match. In you. know for a five-way matches might have been one of the best five waves. I've seen in the last twenty years. I mean it was generally well. Yeah i i agree with you i. It's it was An absolute clinic on how fail. Five-match should go and take over in your house prediction records. I went three and two went. Four and one are pay per view prediction records for this year. i'm senate fifty-seven and twenty-three traces at fifty fifty-six to twenty four so neck and neck here match the night event rating my match night was the fatal five away with carrying across colorado adam. Cole johnny gargano pete done my vent rating out detroit. I gave it a three point. Eight out of five. Very very solid fun entertaining. Show this past sunday. What say you match the night venerating. Magin i was the five way. It was fantastic I was at a three. I was almost forced a three point. Nine the only thing keeping from a forward i mercedes martinez magic that match just a little bit better or had a better build up it would have easily been a four point. Oh if not higher. Yeah good night for annex t- It's it's always been the blueprint for like these pay per view shows. I feel like it's still missing the crowd. They had a much bigger crowd. Dr troy which was great to see. Then we're starting to ease back into normal here. But i mean we say it's time and time again like literally the last time there was a bad and xy takeover even during this pandemic era professional wrestling. I mean it was really well thought on Definitely agents had a whole different energy to it so i if the pandemic era wrestling without big full crowd in there and everything else i just thought it was really well done and i was at no point other than zion lee mercedes martinez mash. Was i just kind of like board and looking away like everything else. I was looking because every other match had great intensity or a great story to it or something else is a kind of carry me through without the live crowd helping that energized. Thought it was really really well done from top to bottom. That's well said. I think if If i could replace no disrespect to the to Mercedes martinez anxiety. Even though it's going to come off this way. If i can take their match and switch it with chopper and thatcher versus grizzly young veterans in a tornado. Tag this past. Tuesday this this takeover to me is over a four like that was that would be a great show. And that's what. I meant before but designedly mercedes martinez match. It's like this felt like more of a build up towards an annex television match than it was a takeover the the few kind of came out of nowhere. It was a great platform for zaia lee. Antion cha to be showcased. But it just felt out of place like it's maybe a takeover to really mercedes martinez to Be showcasing their skills but nonetheless. Nfc takeover in your house in the books a fun show once again this past sunday night. big news In annex t there were rumors about this shortly after our podcast wrapped up last week That samoa joe was reportedly heading back to dividend. We heard it over the weekend and then leading up to the show or post and actually takeover in your house you have william regal same at something needs to change. There was pandemonium Throughout the entire night and chaos You hear that some joe's backstage so much Who who's released back in april the like the wednesday after wrestlemainia. Um and samoa. Joe makes his return to debbie annex. T this past tuesday. Night to be an enforcer of sorts for an exceed general manager william regal who originally offer the gm role to joe before being sidelined man. I'm so happy that samoa joe's back into who i mean. This was a absolute crucial mistake by wbz to let him go. He was fantastic as an announcer Great as an entering performer. Fantastic as a performer. In general. i'm always entertained by samoa. Joe he fits the what what. You're looking for an annex t as well the the attitude that the style His in ring career is kind of a question mark right now some to think some think that he hasn't been medically cleared which is why he hasn't been back in due to concussions. Or or what have you. Maybe his career is over for all we know But he could have gone a w he could've gone back to impact wrestling how they were teasing him for surgery next month. What's now won't happen. Dr try but like he's just such an asset. I don't know if he's going to be doing something in the performance center but dividend should never let this guy go. I think he should be me for for life. If i'm the ones writing the checks for debbie so very happy for samoa joe to be back your thoughts here so mojo back and deputy and back with an day i think it was a calculated risk on wbz part because you know joe as an announcer is incredible. But he's probably still on a wrestler contract which pays a lot more than that announcer. And if you can't get medically cleared you gotta have a guy sitting there making a lot of money doing it out. And that's thing kind of interesting can't russell and you just a different pay scale for that But i think it's calculated risk like let's see if he can add medically cleared somewhere to wrestle and he wants to do that. More power to we are daughters. Won't do it But to bring him back into the fold in this role where he's going to be on screen. He's going to be the muscle. He can't do anything unless he's provoked. It's always gonna tease tension with any. He'll that they want to run that with great move. Megan our of the performance center. And when you look at inex- and you're like man performance enters got coaches like shawn michaels. Samoa joe like those guys alone can teach anybody any aspect of wrestling. They want to go with along with the other coaches they have. They're just a phenomenal group. really forward to the other. Use them because this also shows how much hunter and sean value a guy like joe that they can figure out a way to bring him into the fold. That hasn't been featured to samoa joe russell match in two thousand twenty one an x. Say they were what six months in. So i'm gonna say no I'm gonna go with that. Maybe in twenty twenty one to me right now. If if he hasn't gotten cleared the first six months of the year why pushes let him let him get fully healthy. And you know using begin. Twenty twenty one. It spikes remember. When i came exte- there was talk of you. Know they wanted t and joe ed James storm where those kind of guys they had talked about being annexed lifers to bill exte- around and now here we are.

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