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By scoring more goals. In that it was just silence. And I was like, she is a troll. She loves it. She loves to troll. We love it. We lap it up. During the Euros, the insights that you get, I remember, because she had to do the code commentary. And, you know, I mean, I don't think I don't think she's done it before at that level. I don't think she'd done it before. In fact, she didn't. And like, one of the things that she is worried about was she didn't know how she was going to get to see the entirety, so she could see the space. And when I said, no, no, no, no, you'll get a tactical as well Emma. You should have seen the energy because she sees things. She was giving me so much insight into movement what Mason Mount was doing what Foden was doing early doors. What we should have been doing, what the midfield wide O too far back. It was just like. She sees it in a crazy way. So quickly as well flow. It's like an education just sits just standing next to her. She's say stuff and then I say, oh my God, she said, you see what a big space appeared. That's because what's happening is we're not switching it quick. If we could switch it quicker, like what we saw, what man, what man united? What man city done to man united? It's like, honestly, they switch it so quick, but then because you've got the caliber of player that when the switch happens, they totally repeat to shreds because when the switch happens, you've got players that are good enough to take advantage of the space that's just been opened up. What man united don't even realize is getting done, you know, and she was saying that this is what's going to happen and this is why that can happen. That's why he needs to go over here. I was like, this is her analysis of Mariah's center for a play. Spain Croatia was absolutely brilliant. One of the best things was probably I think the way she broke it down because there was a mesmerizing unreal. And then when we had like, I don't know. Savage the day before Murphy, everyone was like, whoo, finally, we get some knowledge here. We get some knowledge, and you know what? You know the thing with it is what really fucking annoys me is that I wish that these Neanderthals, the ones who feel those men feel like they own football. They literally not fucking listening to a word she's saying. Because if you listen to what she's saying, she's actually giving you unbelievable for free. But the only thing you need to ask her, you need to ask her at righteous house life. I really want to know where she obviously she's had a very long career. She's coaching America coach John de Vic acres. She's like done her time and obviously soaked up a lot of information. But I want to know how she got that good. Was it a particular, was it one of her badges where she was like, I just saw things differently. Was it one person who she didn't people would always look to? I wanted a boy. She said I did want to point whatever's gonna happen. She's gonna be. She's gonna be something to do. She's gonna do something in football. Well, there you go. Maybe that was it. She was like, this is my mind. But so many people should ask that. Someone who works with Guardiola is like, oh, I learned it, you know, Arteta is like, oh, well, Guardiola, so that's where all his ideas come from. Like, where did where did she get her knowledge? Is it in the states? Because, I don't know. What she's reading.

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