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Com slash yes 2020 Nilson Report Limitations Apply. Good evening. It's 11 28 traffic and weather together on the age to return in the traffic center, right authorities checking for a couple of crashes in Prince George's County. First ones that report on Montero Drive near the I 95 interchange, Police and fire headed that way. Also checking for one south on I 95 in the area pattern Mel Road, unclear if they're one in the same or if they're two separate crashes. Not clear yet, but authorities are checking in both locations for the crash. Now on the outer loop of the Beltway, as you had west of New Hampshire Avenue and across the Northwest branch before you get to university Boulevard, listening, found some wood debris might have been a couple of chairs that got smashed. Along the left side in the two left lanes to use caution. Maryland state highways has been notified still, with a crash and now in town road before Washington West, a Temple Hill road that is closed in both directions between land and land and pain. Drive that for a crash untalented investigation. Virginia 95 North bound before the exit for Route three, Fredericksburg, x of 1, 30. Mom Marker. 1 29, squeezing by the crash single file to write George Washington Parkway remains closed between Spout Run Parkway and Jane Chain Bridge Road, Virginia 1 23 that as a result of multiple down trees and over in Annandale, westbound Braddock Road Ravens Worth Road Westbound lanes closed as a result of the crash. Rich 100 of you to be traffic rich. Thank you. Now, let's get your storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC force dot camera. We've got a lot of changes heading our way over the next couple of days after what has been a A nominal streak.

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