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Finals kevin durant gets the mvp and literally i was lectured again katie's better than lebron okay okay i want to take us back couple years wasn't this the headline in oklahoma city about kevin durant mr unreliable the oklahoma media isn't exactly known as a crazed bunch of angry lunatics they're kind of there to support the teams this is what they called durant before he came to the warriors k d outraged by it the paper had to apologize so this was the brand by the people rooting for kevin durant he'd become unreliable let me throw a stat up to you that's pretty remarkable golden state is now twenty and oh when steph curry plays and kevin durant doesn't twenty in oh in the last twenty games durant's played without curry they're barely above five hundred last night they were beat by forty durant played klay thompson played draymond green played the bench was healthy steve kerr coached and they got beat by forty last year he won the finals mvp at a much better team he averaged thirty five eight and five lebron the same finals played more minute shut a better percentage was thirty four twelve and ten with lesser teammates durant won the mvp and i was told durant has surpassed lebron is a player kate they go into these play offs mess in the last three years they've got into these play offs red hot hello you who why isn't durant getting crushed for this why aren't where's the hyperventilating with kevin durant lebron a bad january the media was doing backflips to trounce him.

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