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Now i couldn't gather why ryan was calling a bunch of different people but i'm going to guess that eriksson the chuck would have said possibility that that that ryan was looking for someone with money to either join them at by georges more looking for another place to go party because what chuck eriksson would say is that ryan ryan said next would imply that ryan was not done parting for the night so with with no one left to call ryan tells chuck came in let's go rob someone so we can get enough money to get back into the bar and have some more drinks all right here's a plan lme a bit happens every week and how many times during the bar in your buddy says those could rob somebody's who we can drink more well before they leave ryan's car they take a like a tire iron or one of those tire changing tools that come in the trunk of your car uh they take this item and so they walked to find their potential robbery or mugging victim uh well they spot 48yearold kent height haul kent as we it said can is working late at the columbia daily tribune this would be approximately a two fifteen a m or so now i do want to point out here that several people were working at the columbia daily tribune that night uh early morning hours whatever you want to call it and the the times will most of the times we give during this detailed account are going to be more approximate times.

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