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Number one hit music station. Good morning. Alex here hanging out with you. I finally made it to work. My gosh. The roads are so bad this morning. I'm sure you already know that if you're listening to this. But like literally I left to go meet my trainer this morning. Normally takes me o'clock today. Eight minutes exactly thirty five minutes into my drive. I was still not at the gym. And I pass I think at least three or four accidents in like two miles. It is so bad. So police drives slowly don't drive like an idiot. We it's just not worth it. Okay. In another one another note coming up during my show. I do have sold out kiss FM jingle ball tickets for you presume, a Capital One. I'll give you more details on that. But make sure listening, okay. Iheartradio music, you should know featuring Rita ORA. Let you love me. Runaways? Into bowl. Every time. I guess too. Seven..

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