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Makes shooters even more of a priority because lebron's going to be a division to take as many three point shots and he's become a good shooter guy i don't i don't know what their ultimate plan is going to be to put together basketball team and that to whereas it was where i think magic johnson is going to be tested because look these old school eighties when it's time to put together teams you always wonder if they're doing it according to the current paradigm of basketball it doesn't look like magic try to do a right now according to the current pair dhamma basketball but maybe maybe this is like this is one we go see like magic did the big thing that he was there to do which is lebron james now he pelinka got to put together a basketball team it looked lincoln aging so i believe the is going to be able to do boss work onto cap and stuff like that but the building of the basketball team that's gotta be magic and now we don't see we also had other free agents gave paul george did the lakers tell him to stay oklahoma city did he say he was standing oklahoma city imagine you like his fans tell you sales that he said he wants to oklahoma city it's a him thing on this thing yoga shout out to stay up presi i don't think we remember we talked about this last time but they made the effort right they went and did the thing that most people don't do they made a trade for dude with one year left on his contract and they said we are going to win him over and we are going to make this happen and they did they absolutely did brussel had to party at the house easy to have five hundred people at a party game it was like five hundred people for private party russell westbrook house in oklahoma city and look i don't you know typically encourage this kind of talk and i think you need to be careful when you ask these sorts of questions but a gave is fair for me to ask how many of those people at that party were which called crisis actors boy did just did you survey the scene of what the backyard looked like i did see that it looked like a sixteen year old's birthday party with like a bunch of inflatable stuff and where you know you've got some wooding band up there have been but it was not right i just gave figure out how you got five hundred people like i look i got family from oklahoma city i feel it should invited me to at party because i lease could've brought light three full locals we would have stopped by a.

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