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Always matter state legislators always matter but if you look at ohio for instance the secretary of state matters a great deal the state auditor matters a great deal in wisconsin the wisconsin supreme court plays an oversize role in the question of redistricting one of the reasons why i went there to campaign for woman rebecca dallat who was elected to the wisconsin supreme court the first democrat to be elected an open seat since nineteen ninety five and so we look at we go state by state and identify what are the the races that we need to support we've identified twelve states that we have our on our target list seven states on our watchlist because in those nineteen states we think we can have again the greatest national impact and is end erc helping with fundraising campaigning for those candidates or are you taking more of a an auxiliary approach to to to help with the district's those candidates will be serving is a is a fundraising arm as well it's all of the above we will give direct monetary support to certain candidates in the virginia race for instance we looked at what ralph north of needed and decided that if we ran a strong digital campaign on his behalf that that would be something that would be extremely useful again we look at each race we look at each state and make specific determinations about how we can be most most helpful let me get to some of your comments for eric holder about redistricting plenty of concern about whether or not this is actually an independent effort kenneth also echoed that kenneth wrote on our facebook page political party should have little to no influence over redistricting in every state it ought to be conducted by independent commissions and according to fair and consistent criteria that are available for public scrutiny no gerrymandering and let the partisan ships fall where they may not agree with them i mean i think that in if we had in a perfect world if i were drawing up the system i would have independent commissions in all fifty states doing this take the politicians just totally out of it because we have a system now where politicians are picking their vote.

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