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We try to get the calls during the program sometimes difficult because we we do so many interviews with people to bring you the news and to cover all the news that's going on and a lot of it's going on on a mccomb county today there's news going on everywhere but in become county they've got a new permanent clerk the the circuit court judges decided yesterday who it should be that's the way it this done according to their charter and there's also a story about the police activity out there that we want to cover to the executive in mccomb county is markle the former sheriff as well and he's got enough to join us this morning karen spranger is gone and finally there is some settlement of the tumultuous top spot in the county clerk's office with the naming yesterday a brand new clerk kathy smith who was longtime employee of the county before getting this appointment at the at the top of the courts office marquette you've gotta be glad this filing over good morning franken it's been a it's been about fifteen months of a big challenge but i tell you what's up you know once the court made a decision in saint clair county you know about the the election law violation and the clerk was removed again karen the mmediately they being the circuit court appointed somebody for a very temporary period and that was katie and i tell you she was also a former employee and she did a great job i mean immediately we didn't see him where complaints concerns and caseloads dockets certificates everything were being issued the way they should have been so it was very smooth it was almost like two days later after i think settle down we haven't had a problem since so now now the judge has had to make a decision because katie just wanted to do a temporary ghetto who'd we put in there you know at least until.

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