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To USA today shoes never used O'Brien's Christie's auction houses selling several of king's papers, including his dissertation. These is on the origins of the universe and his spectrum of warm holes his hundred seventeen page doctorate. These is one of five known copies include a signature any guests on with the value of that is between I have arranged individual item or the lot. No, the one the one hundred seventeen page doctorate. Yeah. I wanna make a statement. I okay, look up Walter Payton. I think we were talking about he had his kid sold as a slant nose Porsche nine thirty or something I will say this all the sons who sell their dad's cars and all the people whose brought houses from who's like their parents died, and then the kids sold the house, and they're like we don't want you to change the wallpaper in the kitchen. It's like, well, then don't sell it. Like even around you pay the taxes. And live in it, and you may sell your dad's car, but spare me the preamble of how important this was to your family. And how important it is to you important undersell, you're selling don't do both. Alad move Scud and go man, I got a problem with the booger sugar and now known that's like I'll take that. But I don't want is like how your dad gifted it to you. And it was his wish that you keep it. And now it's time this whole time to go to price time to go to a new home. You know? No, it's not time to go to a new home. So I'm for you get paid. But it's like trying to drive the price up to make you make it more important to you. Right on the smart. Yes. So yes when his dad what did that Carcelle for? Yes. Sorry. Sorry. I was looking at the the auction. That's upcoming what it sold for. Anyway. His dad came car. He promised him. He would keep it in good shape. I think also I not selling immediately. That's so good. Auction block. Yeah. The best shape, and listen, I I love Walter Payton, and I got nothing against Jarrett. I guess the sun. But I guess what I'm saying is is Scott and sell it. They don't I cannot tell you. How weirdly important it is for a lot of people. Again, the kids who sell the family home to not change the family home, and I sort of get the impulse. But again, Donald sell come to turn with what you're doing. That's right. So any guesses on the range of this one hundred seventeen page doctorate paper thesis with his signature on it. Oh, after the movie is definitely worth more speech, prominently and through everything and also after the movie, not like any prizes or medals money. It's it's in the public consciousness now people are aware act all agreed to a certain educated class it. It's. Yeah. Pardon the pun. But all roads lead to cars for me. Steve McQueen after he made the movie, LA LA, that's where all his stuff went nuts. He was his memorabilia sort of based on that movie. So the movie a movie can make a huge difference. This is a category that really didn't exist a few years ago. And now it exists because remember we just talked about Einstein's papers. There's a lot of paperwork and scientists scientific paperwork coming up now. Walter Payton's things going up a few days. I think are somewhere. So it hasn't sold it. I don't know the paper doctorate thesis. Oh, Jesus three hundred thousand two hundred thousand ten million hinges thing. I would love it. If you're right, just, but it's supposed to go between one twenty six and one hundred eighty nine thousand which is a fifty is it already published. What do you mean? Copies of it people have is at all right now. You can tell bluebell it. Yeah. I don't question also his wheelchair. Was he Cambridge or Oxford who's probably in their archives? Right. I mean microfiche his his wheelchair that he used from the late eighties to the mid nineties is up for sale. Yeah. That's gonna go. They're expecting between twelve six and eighteen thousand money. Raise is going to benefit the Stephen hawking foundation and one really interesting. I mean, dozens of his stuff bomber jackets. Random stuff is going up for auction. This one is my favorite in two thousand nine hockey gave a party for time. Travellers invitations were not made public after the event they were meant to last long enough to reach future, humans who.

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