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Lancer putting the finishing touches. Hopefully on a Kansas state victory over Kansas could be a new sheriff in town in the big twelve. I know it's fourteen straight for the jayhawks. But they're in a lot of trouble right now. Twenty four seconds left in regulation. The little apple is jumping big seventy one sixty four after Kansas just bangs at three they were down ten one last night went up to three three and a half. But still saw some Dow you on that place. So that's the big play tonight. Hopefully, it holds on get into the Richard badgen. Finley Toyota out-of-town scoreboard UNLV in action. Tomorrow night, Boise state, the venue and good power Roxy Bernstein, just flying into Boise, but having sinus problems so going to hit the doctor real quick as well, not hit the doctor, but actually go to the doctor's office real quick over there in Boise try and get something for those sinuses. He said he's having trouble even getting ears to pop. So we're hoping to get Roxy on at about nine thirty Pacific ten thirty up there mountaintop, NAT whole, Mattie. Holt US integrity, great idea by Mattie, man. You know him for many years over there at CGT Kenner gaming technology, and Manny has his own venture going right now US integrity. We'll talk to him about his company. What it means what it means for the industry is for sports gaming because let's face it. You gotta have integrity. And we had an interesting goal that last night, which I did not realize because I was watching the replay with no sound, you know, because a lot of times I've got things going on. And did not realise Iowa State. They led by four remember that we talked about it last night and Oklahoma hits three at the buzzer. Didn't do anything as far as the outcome of the game. But the line the second half line all of that came into play because I was was minus one one and a half to own up to three. And so that three pointer covered the line for Oklahoma found out the show. That was taken after the buzzer went off. And so the big twelve saying well didn't really mean anything as far as the final score of the game. So that's why we didn't go to replay to review it when intern. It does mean something as far as in the points scored in conference games in different power rankings at they have set up there. I guess in case of ties or whatever it is. So Maddie's got all information as far as that talk to him about his company how he thought of it and how he's got that going on also Panish perspective. Got. Be murderer thirty five eight thirty seven right around there. Brian Panish taped that a little bit earlier because Brian is well on the road and. All over southern California, northern California as Panish shae and Boyle handling a lot of the cases with a lot of those fires that took place over the last few months, so not an easy job. But Panish shae and Boyle wanted the best firms not only California now here in Vada here in Las Vegas, PSB, LA dot com. Seventy four sixty seven K state, fourteen seconds to go so feeling good that that one should get there. And I'll start reviewing all the scores a bunch of games in the NBA, but highlighting what's going on here for us Vegas, folks. Vegas Golden Knights. Trump four in a row, not good. And then you have to go take on Tampa Bay Lightning. Best record in the league. Probably not going to beat that team. Right. But remember KT last night saying, you know, if you see the Golden Knights at a plus one fifty five one sixty gosh, it's hard not to take this team. It's not like they're you nailed by injury bugged badly. So gotta take a shot. You know, I knew it's Tampa Bay Lightning or top line running away with the Eastern Conference and overall by far the best record to nothing. Tampa bay. And then lo and behold, Cody Eakin gets the nights on the board. And then the nights tie it up third period. They go to the shootout. And I was I cough. Actually, they got the equaliser Eakin got his fourteen Zykov is first of the year, and that type things up, and then they went over time and actually in the overtime Vegas. Golden Knights had a power play. As lightning got called for too many men on the ice, but they couldn't capitalize. So they went to the shootout and Golden Knights come away with a three two victory in the shootout. So the flower came through flurry twenty four saves vacillates key under more pressure there for Tampa Bay thirty five saves for the name, but not good enough. Golden Knights will take it. They needed that one really a big time win for them because it gets them. Not only. To stop the skid. But also when you know, you've beaten the teen as far as over on the NHL that gives you that confidence back now that you're going to be able to take into the next several games and start again. Ascending your way up in the Western Conference with thirty and twenty one four overtime games air for the Golden Knights thirty twenty one and four overtime losses. Where you get a point for each one of those. But in a shootout they beat Tampa Bay three two two. So that was huge. That's good stuff and flurry gets the win in that game. Four to one Montreal knocks off the ducks at home price. Twenty four saves like flurry solid home effort there for Montreal. They got three goals in the first period on Anaheim never looked back. So a four one victory. Their predator. So tough to beat at home, which is you know, one of the teams right there in the Western Conference along with Winnipeg along with with Calgary that are right. There can be battling for the western Komson about a five team race there, although LA kings trying to get their thing going as they won their second in a row tonight. I'll get to that in just a sec, but the predators five to win over the coyotes taking care of Arizona. Arizona again, not a bad road team twenty three twenty five and five fifty fifty one points for Arizona. And again, they play their best hockey on the road. But Rene came up big. He also had twenty four saves Picard in the loss for Arizona came up with forty two saves. Wow. Big time effort though by Nashville Forsberg had his nineteen th of the year, and they win it by a score of five to two sharks. In overtime. They win in Manitoba that the other team in the Western Conference, I failed to mention San Jose Sharks. Now thirty one sixteen in seven with sixty nine points. They pull within two points of the Winnipeg Jets in the Western Conference Winnipeg really playing well now Winnipeg in the central and of course, San Jose in the Pacific. So the team that they're chasing, of course, Calgary as or the Vegas Golden Knights Vegas Golden Knights sixty four points sharks. Now with sixty nine points Capitols three two at home defending Stanley Cup champions take care of business against the Vancouver Canucks. Did it with you know, exchanging goes there in that third period? One nothing capital is going to the third and. Both teams tally twice. Hope. He gets the win thirty saves on the night. And oh, she got a big goals air for Washington. They win it by score of three two two. So Washington with sixty four points like the Vegas Golden Knights their record twenty nine eighteen and six hurricanes solid game tonight. Go into Pittsburg shut out the penguins. I mean, it's one thing to go into Pittsburg and beat the penguins. It's the penguins out in Pittsburgh now in their healthy, very hard to do mcelhinney was solid. And that's point twenty three saves Murray. Takes the loss Furlan Morton. Two of the goal scorers there for the hurricanes and a nice effort though, four nothing on the road. Getting the w talked about the kings. They got the win last night come from behind against the Rangers with a goal in the third late and then a goal in overtime to win afforded three that come right back to the Garden State and play jersey, they trailed it. No, they will actually no they let it out of the gate one nothing than it was one one after two but a four goal third period by the kings and to fully got too early ones in the third period of the kings beat the Rangers beat arranger last night. They beat the devil's tonight by score of five to one not a good year for the Jersey Devils forty seven points the kings with that win. They now have forty eight point. So they're starting to play decent hockey CF L A can catch fire. Try and get back in the playoff hunt blues over the Panthers on the road by score of three to Saint Louis. Fifty three points Panthers with fifty. These teams struggling a little bit right around the five hundred Mark Saint Louis now couple games over five hundred. But they'll take it as they get to win with Bennington in net. Twenty two saves there and the blue on the road against Florida by a score of three two fun game in buffalo went to a shootout as well tied at four after the overtime buffalo at home against the Minnesota wild and buffalo takes care of business. Parisi gotta go Spurgeon had to. Minnesota but a five four win for the sabres at home. Bruins take out the islanders by a score of three to one islanders with sixty six points. Even after the loss thirty sixteen and six Boston. Now, sixty five points twenty nine seventeen and seven both teams, of course in the Eastern Conference. Berge Ron with two goals in his one thousand game as the Bruins have that to goal distance there between themselves and the islanders to grasp. Twenty eight saves leads the bees, and they got a couple of goes from Berge on. He knows eighteen on a year in Boston. Windsor by score of three to one right now after two Edmonton Oilers lead the Blackhawks two to one both in fact, all three of those goals in the first period. Nothing in the second and avalanche in blue jackets after to a wild one in Denver three to three Colorado and Columbus. So we'll keep an eye on that Columbus twenty eight twenty and three fifty nine points playing pretty good hockey earlier struggling a little bit of late. So that is a look at the Richard badgen. Finley Toyota out of town. Scoreboard on the ice. It's going to see what happens on the hardwood. We've got one game going right now AMI up in Portland heat after one quarter high-scoring first-quarter thirty four to thirty leading the blazers total to twelve and a half actually dropped a half point from the opener of two thirteen blazers seven and a half point favorites down for after that first quarter finals from earlier fish. I can't remember I didn't have time to go back and listen to the archive, but I coulda sworn and maybe I'm wrong fishy. If you're out there listening, somebody tweet in let me know, I mean at the fish nineteen sixty-nine did he say he thought the Lakers were in a good spot as going to jump on him against Indiana. Boil boy last week was he say, the Rangers lay the puck line. They got shut out one nothing last night. He leaves us with. Yeah. I think I'm pretty sure he said he liked the Lakers was a good spot for him in Indiana. One thirty six to ninety four Pacers kidney, a forty two point lost the worst in LeBron James career, and I guess he distanced himself from the rest of the players like down to the bench or something. Do wasn't sitting near anybody. Total to eighteen and a half up to seventeen. Yes. It goes over one thirty six to ninety four again, Nola depot, Lakers dropped to five hundred. This is a team that was looking like, okay. Lebron's back. Now, we're going to make a little push little playoff run. I don't know. Anthony Davis to me. I just have a feeling something that tells me AD could end up in Milwaukee with just a feeling, you know, I I don't, you know. And then I'm wondering too though. You know, what do you have to give up for this guy? You have to give up. You know, everything, you know, your first three born and all that stuff. I mean, is it really worth it? Anthony Davis is not the most durable player. You know? He takes a beating and he does get banged up and he's had some injuries. So you know, you start giving away four draft choices or three draft choices and a couple of key players. That are youngsters next thing. You know, you're looking and you're like wait, we've got Anthony Davis. He's on the shelf is on the DL. And he's other five guys on the other team that we trade it, you know, they're taking care of business. So you've got to be careful when you start dealing.

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