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It may be happy yesterday. I drove home from the show. And it was just a beautiful spring day. Like the hills are alive. It was so awesome. After it's been lately, all the rain. Everything is green now. And there's all these butterflies. There's this whole thing the butterflies are here from Mexico or something they walk of butterflies over. There's all these stories about the butterflies everywhere. I live I came home. I had been feeling kind of tired. I don't sleep them much these days, I got a little baby yada. And I just felt happier. I was like it's so beautiful. Let's go for a walk. I started running. I was running yesterday. Wow. It was just like my the endorphins were flying because of randomly set yourself up to do a run. I I said I need to start running because I haven't done anything since I had the babies C-section. I just do elliptical. But I've been they told me to wait till close to six months. So I'm close to six months and yesterday was it was like, okay, let's start. Let's try and I just felt great. Just the greenery just makes me happy springtime. What are do you have another happiness hack? Baseball baseball baseball park owed at just Goto baseball park. Go to a game. It's kind of the same thing outside with a bunch of like minded people. You're kickback. Arctic to pound chicken nugget yet true to pound chicken nuggets. But there's something about the green grass and the it's my go-to spring training every year. I have it's like, I it just it's just good for the soul. I think. My jacuzzi makes me happy. Oh, yeah. I've got a jacuzzi get into it almost every single night. Reading a book makes me happy. Fiction. Not nonfiction get enough nonfiction in my lap. Okay. And that there's one. That's. Thing that makes me happy. But I can't remember what it is. Yeah. That too. Highlife? Don't you that too? How could ask you Klay Thompson story after that ask away? So Klay Thompson got a little upset with the fans where is there a bad? Oh. And he tweeted apology to the fans because he said this the other night, I expect our crowd to be a little more into it. Like, I know it's not the play offs. But it is our last go around at oracle. The least you can do is stand up or something when we make a good play. Especially in the beginning..

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