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Didn't that plus one point five zero is going to be that degree of stigmatism. You have as measured in dire offers that same measurement unit that we're using with the negative one to indicate mild astigmatism. Then we have by one eighty that is your degree or the orientation of where the stigmatism curvature is on your eyes. So, in that case that means you have one dioxide nearsightedness, one point five diop's of astigmatism, an axis of one hundred eighty degrees, conversely, if this were to be measured with farsightedness, it may say something like plus two point five zero plus three point zero zero x, forty five in that would mean that you have two point five die offers of farsightedness so years a little bit farsighted, and then you have three die, authors of astigmatism and an accident of forty five degrees, or that location of the curvature is at forty five degrees and that just make sure that they're. They're getting you the correct lens thickness and they're keeping those lenses at the correct shape and thickness for you based on all of those elements. Now you may not have the nearsightedness or the farsightedness with.

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