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Uh it just you just get used to it yeah expand upon that what advice would you give an entrepreneur who is in one of those places of scaling very fearful and maybe wanting to give out because of the huge highs and then lows others uh to stood another quote that uh there is a great book about nike uh that was worth reading and uh and in the quote they talk about uh the uh the scared never started on the weekend of up along the way and that just leaves us and and that was a that's something that sort resonated with me because i realize that you know getting through all of these items what happens is the reason a lot of companies don't succeed as people people give up and it's not because it's easy and like you fight all the way and then at some point something forces you to give up or you might just quit on your own but it is uh you know the honest truth is and i think entrepreneurs we are trained to tell people it is great tell me what a typical week looks like new how many hours a working are you working weekends uh how many hours in my working i think an entrepreneur is just kind of always always on there's i this is my not my first rhody i've been around um and wave realizes that you know part of part of working is making sure that i prepared for work so i'm a little the different than other entrepreneurs in that way which is i am always working uh if you will always thinking about work um but i also trying to be very present with the folks at him with of the time so there could be my team on one i'm with them and i'm not on email um and it could be with friends and i try to really be with them and be present with them but we're going to take a quick break but we come back we're going to talk about building here pence nafta we are the biggest entrepreneur platform hamad planning mitterrand's time and winter will sure as a medal athletes she's.

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