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You luck. The cubs a little bit stronger at or better at leaving this job on the twenty. I appreciate you meant you. Bring up that issue competitiveness. Some s really important in this game. That's what i love about. Baseball is the togetherness the fact that everything we do it's not as an individual. It's as a collaboration with the whole front office the entire organization. And then the competitiveness the fact that we get daily referendum on how. Well we're doing in the standings so we did accomplish. Our goals are to to build a foundation for sustained. Success would get us in the playoffs on a regular basis. You we've been in the postseason five of the last six years and then the other goal together and overtime to to build a team that went to world championship. I've obviously we've done that but yet you know looking back things. I wish had gone differently. Clearly i wish that we would have performed. Better down the stretch in the postseason. The last the last three seasons. I thought it was a calling card for group to really play play well and dominate when our backs were against the wall. We did it in fifteen sixteen seventeen to a large extent and then that hasn't been the case the last three years so we have to own that too and i wish i had done a better job putting us in a position where we could have played our best baseball in october. The oh congratulations It's a bittersweet day. But i'm very happy for you professionally and personally and Just thanks for nine years. I know it's all about winning and losing and you know when you win. it's great. It's amazing when you lose. It's the worst thing in the world but a big part of what you've done over the basically the entirety of your adult life is signed players make trades. Can you talk about the adrenaline rush. You get from making a big move knowing that you're not going to know the answer to the question maybe for a few weeks or maybe a year or two but when you hang up that phone and you've made a big blockbuster four for four trade or a three team deal we don't know if you're ever gonna make that kind of move ever again the rest of your life. Can you let a fan know what it's like to make a move like that in your position. Sure yeah well. I certainly hope. I'll be in a position to make those kinds of decisions again. Going forward and some in some form or another but yet it's special and i think There is a big rush of adrenaline. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility. And there's more than anything an embrace of the unknown right because you can. You can have the world's greatest process and look at the best information and analyze it. The best way of the best possible scouts no matter what in some in some fashion. You're betting on future human performance and because of that there's gonna be a broad range of possible outcomes. There's there's going to be randomness involved. You're not necessarily going to get the result. You deserve for better for worse so all you can do guarantee the excellence of the process. You can't always guarantee the excellence of the result. And because of that. I think the greatest reward is really the work to get up to the point of making the deal. The countless people involved in long journeys to see players all the experiences that put them in a position to make a grad of great evaluation the.

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