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You're drunk you getting your car. You drive down the road. You're not trying to hit anybody in particular but you are creating danger to the public generally and then if you do cause injury. You're obviously responsible. Because i've injury that would be under third degree murder if you killed someone while drunk driving. It used to not apply if you were creating a danger. Only to a single individual it was. It was required that it was a group threat. A general threat but the the minnesota appellate courts recently rewrote that legal doctrine So that it can now apply to even a threat to only a single individual. That's why when i show van was originally charged with third degree. The judge in the case threw it out. He says no. This is not a case where there's a general threat but then the court of appeals changed the law. The prosecution came back in the third degree. Murder charge was reinstated. 'wow all right and the last one is manslaughter. In the second degree defendant caused the death of george floyd by culpable negligence. Defendant created on. The reasonable risk. Consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm. Defendant may not have intended for his conduct to be harmful. This seems like that one's easy to hit out of the park and we're just going over the charges over the last few minutes. So let's let's talk about all three of these charges and and where you think they made the case or missed making the case. Let's start with murder in the second degree murder in the second grade. That's the felony murder charge. It has to be predicated on the whether or not he committed a third degree assault. And frankly it's open to factual interpretation whether or not you think he committed an assault. Do you think that usa ford was unauthorized. Under the circumstances. I expect that in fact chauvin and other officers and the npd have been using that exact same technique on suspects their entire careers and nobody has ever died as a result. I expect that. No one was more surprised when floyd died. Ben chauvin was that's why he has not been charged with an intentional killing. Even the prosecutors go believe he believed that he was killing. George floyd if they thought that was the case they would have charged him simply with straight up intentional murder instead of these variety of reckless killing. Georgia's so comes was his restraint floyd criminally reckless. Did he know he was creating a risk of death and did it anyway. That's really the basis for example. The manslaughter charge. And do you think that the prosecution made the case or do they even need to that that you know. They played the video over and over again. And it's excruciating to watch. I mean. I don't think there's a single american watching that that isn't emotionally filled with horror on. What's going on. Does he have a chance of of of of anybody actually saying no that that wasn't that wasn't a felony in the third degree. Well if the if the arguments have been made more effectively frankly..

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