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I decided not to put the book what was that it was over gulf and western or even the core shout he did a series of the gangster called coretec boy wake up get story boy get edited boy get tortured boy for typewriters through window why go home white comeback window fixed typewriter back in his desk nobody says anything that's true it was awful there are many lessons here for journalists our would be journalists but there was something i found really illuminating when you were describing what you called the wicker moment and then the moment that you had that reveal the character of powerful people tom wicker was wonderful wonderful journalists and in seventy three or seventy four i was pounding away like everybody else and so i receive the transcript at that time vixen transfers were not made public but they were using the white house taping system wants the government learned about it they use it the prosecute people i got a transcript of nixon just using every vile termi could find minorities italians and polish people jewish people in particular we told the white house in advance we're going to write this story about using terms like spic and kaik there's a lot of angst about it the white house press apparatus it was a lot of attacks on me and two times the whole context of what he did raises serious questions about this president's what kind of a person is talk this way in private and so while this is going on it was back and forth tom wicker who was then the columnists and remember when i was at the times tony lewis was a columnist russell baker using phase sardonic language to make wonderful points instead of this constant drumbeat we have the trumpster down trump's of them but we had tom wicker writing great college anyway he slid up next to me and.

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