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And think that he would be like unkind just thought maybe I was like, oh, maybe this. Maybe this person who I've spent years talking about will be just like slightly frosty to me because I've said something over the years that like hurt him. And I would not be like, you know, surprised or someone talked about my work and pulled it apart for years. They would they would say something that hurt my feelings that I might be inclined to be frosty to them. When I talked like, imagine if someone had done fifty hours worth of Bod casting. Get your articles. Right. Yeah. Like after every Arctic after they had done a podcast about it. You know? And then it's like at some point during that, they probably said something that you didn't like, you know. Yeah. So you're just playing that out in your head when you talk to him. Yeah. I was like, well, maybe, you know, maybe he'll just be like a little like professional because he's doing promotion for the show. But like, you know, and and my outlet carry some weight, but like, you know, a little a little rusty. And then he was just like SuperNet right off the bat. He like asteroid was we've talked about the weather which sounds so banal, but it was like very like, warm and genuine sunny, and he was just really really nice. And so I was like nothing. Yeah. Let once again, I didn't expect him to be unkind. But I was just like, okay. This person. I think has no idea way. That's exactly what I want in this moment just to talk to him like another person and not have any of those like extra the weight of anything around it. So hopefully, he didn't listen to all those terrible things. We said about the last season. But but no, I'm glad that the interview went well. And of course, you can check that out at Vanity Fair dot com, right? So. Yeah. Yeah. If you. Yeah. You know, I mean like what was interesting to me. I didn't expect this going into it. But like to really. Figure out some of the connections between the work the Stanley has done in the work that Georgia Martin has done. Like, I just I was I think that's really interesting to see the direct influence of a great master like Stanley on another great masterly show, Dr Martin. And then like, you know, forty years from now, or what have you we're going to be interviewing some other person? Well, I'll be dead like someone will be interviewing a person who has a, you know, been shaped by George Martin. And that's just cool. It's constantly evolving. That way now pop culture is a rich tapestry. Indeed. Right. So I can I ask you a question asked me a question. I've already gone off about this. So I just want your opinion. But like, we're not gonna talk too much about the detail. Like there was no new footage released today with the announcement of the date of the new season of game of thrones. They're being very one as it were April, April twenty nineteen right? Although you thinking of the day, but. Yes. And I believe you to be clear because I don't want to tell you again. So you can tell you. I mean, I could be wrong. It's happened before. But. They released like a teaser trailer that had no new footage on it. It's still it's still kind of early for honestly for new footage. So I'm not that surprised by Entertainment Weekly posted a cover story with like literally exactly one new photo..

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