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Yeah longtime back in the show and our views differed then i don't think any of them have changed things to be forgot good idea do go for less cade all that so i guess it's still not fully clear to me why it's not troubling to european citizens in general to allow their government to really be in charge of and decide what information is in isn't relevant to the public and i kind of get that you tend to be the eu citizens i think generally tend to trust governments more specifically tend to trust their government more but it still seems pretty problematic to me to me i think there is i a public interest in helping people who are affected by information which is to quote jim killick to the wall j he says the right to be forgot what he's meant to apply to information that is no longer relevant but disproportionately impacts person by eight legitimate case and the right to be targeted it's hard time discussion about it because every time you do people on the other side go oh you won't be everything about themselves leads net that's tightly list which is not what he's fall it seems yeah it seems like it's more about the weighting of information right then then the information being available do totally see jeremy's point the is necessarily get to decide the government gets to be the people who decide what information is no longer relevant disproportionately impactful but on that point it's no to me anyone else in a position to do it.

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